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Improve ergonomics and reproducibility of multichannel pipetting!

VIAFLO ASSIST together with VIAFLO II multi-channel pipettes form the perfect symbiosis to prevent users from repetitive strain injury and to increase the reproducibility of pipetting protocols. It performs serial dilutions, reagent additions and plate filling automatically.

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Lightweight Electronic Pipette Offers Enhanced Ease of Use 
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High Throughput Screening of Novel Protein Therapeutics 
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Serial Dilution in 96- & 384-well Microplates
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Genetics Institute Improves Efficiency of Replication & Screening
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Reliable, Noise-Free Vacuum for Cell Culture Applications
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07/10 - 09/10/14

CPH Labmed
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16/10 - 18/10/14

Turkchem Eurasia
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02/11 - 08/11/14

XXX Congreso National de Bioquimica
Guadalajara, MX

04/11 - 06/11/14

French Society of Immunology
Lille, FR

04/11 - 07/11/14

XLIII Congresso Nazionale AMCLI
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