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10ml Low Dead Voume Pipette Reservoir

The new 10 ml pipette reservoir was designed specifically for our customers who requested a low dead volume reservoir for use with 8 and 16 channel VIAFLO electronic pipettes.



The new 10 ml pipette reagent reservoir offers the same great features as the INTEGRA 25 ml and 100 ml reagent reservoirs:

  • Sturdy, reusable reservoir base.
  • Inserts stacked in sleeves to reduce laboratory space requirements.
  • Deep trough within a trough to further reduce liquid waste.

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The INTEGRA 96 well reservoirs utilize reusable SBS footprint bases. Simply keep the base and replace either the 100 ml or 300 ml reservoirs inserts. The INTEGRA reservoir design saves you both precious lab space and money.
The INTEGRA pipette reservoirs are now available in 10 ml, 25 ml and 100 ml designs! The new 10 ml design features a dead volume of less than 1 ml. Check out the pipette reservoir page for order information or to request your Free sample.
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