3D Cell Culture Approach Using Multichannel Pipetting Robot

Early phase drug discovery research requires the highest level of accurate and reproducible testing in order to give you the proof to move confidently forward. While Likarda developed and uses a proprietary approach to 3D cell-based testing, the results of these types of tests and others rely on the integrity of the data. In an environment where 'time is money' Likarda clients rely on the speed at which the company can provide quick and accurate results. By investing in pipetting robots like the INTEGRA VIAFLO ASSIST, Likarda has managed to bring speed, accuracy, precision and flexibility to its research and drug discovery.

Given the multi-well microplates used in Likarda contract research, having multichannel pipettes are essential to workflow. After careful review of different automation solutions Likarda chose the INTEGRA VIAFLO ASSIST multichannel pipetting robot to run a single plate at a time for preliminary experiments, early assay development or pilot studies. They have found that the VIAFLO ASSIST pipetting robot removes the risk of less reproducible results compared to manual pipetting, and its electronic pipettes increase the reproducibility of prolonged pipetting protocols such as serial dilutions, plate filling and reagent addition. Further Likarda reports that the intuitive touchscreen control software and ergonomic one-handed operation of the affordably-priced VIAFLO ASSIST has enabled them to save time developing high throughput assays and lower the cost of this contract work for its customers.

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    Automating Multichannel Pipettes

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    Automating Multichannel Pipettes

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    Automating Multichannel Pipettes