Win 1 of 3 personalized PIPETBOYs with custom engraving

E-Promotion Q3 2024 PIPETBOY

Win a customized, engraved PIPETBOY crafted just for you! 

Fill in our questionnaire for your chance to win a personalized PIPETBOY that brings individuality to your lab! 

The PIPETBOY acu 2 is undoubtedly one of the most popular products in the INTEGRA range. It’s not just the colorful design, speed and light weight that customers praise, but also the finger-controlled aspiration and dispense speeds and gravity blowout. Now we’re giving it even more shine and rarity with added personalization! 

We are giving away a PIPETBOY acu 2 with a customized name engraving to 3 lucky participants of our survey. The winners will have the opportunity to make the PIPETBOY their own, with the option of a blue, green or purple product. 

For your chance to win 1 of 3 personalized PIPETBOY acu 2 pipette controllers with customized name engraving for your lab, simply complete the questionnaire below. By submitting your answers, you will be automatically entered into the prize draw, and join our community of scientists receiving biweekly updates about our latest promotional offers, liquid handling tips and tricks, and much more! 

The deadline for entries is September 30, 2024. 


General Questions
Do you use a pipette controller?
Which brands of pipette controller do you use? (Select all that apply)
Which brands of pipette controller do you use? (Select all that apply) 
How do you transfer liquids in your lab? 
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Please specify your application in Quality control:
Please specify your application in Quality control:
Do you use glass or plastic pipettes?
Please specify which application you use glass pipettes for:
On average, how many plastic pipettes do you use per week?

On average, how many plastic pipettes do you use per week? 

Why do you use glass and/or plastic pipettes? 
If you win a PIPETBOY acu 2, which color would you like?
We will soon be introducing a new product for cell culture applications. Would you be interested in hearing about this?

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