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Win 1 of 3 PIPETBOY acu 2 pipette controllers

Take part in our contest for your chance to win a PIPETBOY acu 2

Do you think a laboratory is a fun and exciting place to work? Send us a picture showcasing this, and you could win a PIPETBOY acu 2.

We know that lab life can be full of excitement, and we want to illustrate this on social media. Send us your favorite photo of you working in a lab that shows how fun, entertaining, and enjoyable your work truly is. If your photo gets posted on our Instagram page and voted as one of the winners by the community, you'll win a brand new PIPETBOY acu 2 for your lab.

Benefits of a PIPETBOY acu 2:

  • Enhanced ergonomics
  • Faster, with unmatched pipetting control
  • Longer operating time
  • Quality you can rely on

For your chance to win a PIPETBOY acu 2, fill out the form below and attach a picture of you working in a laboratory that shows that lab life is fun. Submissions are due by June 23rd. Our favorite entries will be posted on our Instagram page, @INTEGRABiosciences, on June 28th and we'll ask the community to determine the winners by leaving a comment for their favorite entry. The voting deadline will be July 5th at 11:59 EST, and the winner will be officially announced on July 7th.

Good luck

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If you win a PIPETBOY acu 2, what color would you like?

If you win a PIPETBOY acu 2, what color would you like?
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