PIPETGIRL Pipetting Controller

PIPETGIRL Pipetting Controller

Pipetting Controller

Product story

Our commitment to support breast cancer research

Since 1965, INTEGRA Biosciences has been dedicated to developing innovative liquid handling tools for the Life Science industry. It is our passion to provide scientists with reliable instruments of the highest quality and precision, so they can focus all their efforts on research.

PIPETGIRL, a limited edition of PIPETBOY acu 2, has been introduced to support cancer research. For every purchase of this pipette controller, 10 € are donated to research institutes dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer.

During the donation period, INTEGRA will keep you accurately informed about which research institutes benefited from our funding campaign.

How it Works

How it works

PIPETGIRL is a special edition of PIPETBOY acu 2, for which a 10 € donation per instrument goes to breast cancer research institutes.

It offers the same features as INTEGRA’s PIPETBOY acu 2: an increased pipetting speed, a significant  weight reduction and unmatched pipetting precision.

  • PIPETGIRL Pipetting Controller -  Overview of Features


    1) Autoclavable sterile module, easy to replace filter
    2) LED provides information about charging status

    3) Continuous preset of speed via thumb wheel
    4) Sensitive control by applying various finger pressure
    5) Lightweight and well-balanced

  • PIPETGIRL 3 year warranty symbol

    Quality you can rely on

    PIPETBOY pipette controllers are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and therefore offered with an extended 3 YEAR WARRANTY UPON REGISTRATION.

See it Work

See it work

Tech Info

Tech info

Find here a quick overview of the product specifications. More detailed information can be found in the download-section below.

Maximum pipetting speed
13.5 ml/s (with a 50 ml pipette)
Gravity dispense
Slight pressure on dispense button
Pipette compatibility
Glass and plastic pipettes with volume from 1 to 100 ml
Filter protection
0.45 µm (included) or 0.2 µm (order separately)
195 g
Operating conditions
5 – 40 °C, max. 80 % RH
Power requirements
Input: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; Output: 17 VDC ±10 %/180 mA ±10 %
Rechargeable battery
Li-Ion, min. 500 mAh
Downloads Parts and Numbers

Parts and numbers



Theme Part No.
Pink Pipette controller complete with battery Lithium-Ion, mains adapter, spare sterile filter 0.45 µm and wall mount 155 021
PIPETGIRL pipette controller
PIPETGIRL pipette controller

Stand, Wall Mount and Mains Adapter

Description Part No.
Wall mount for holding the pipettor on the wall 155 521
Mains adapter (100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) EU version 153 210
Mains adapter (100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) US version 153 211
Mains adapter (100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) UK version 153 214
Mains adapter (100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) AU version 153 216

and spare parts

Battery compartment lid

Theme Part No.
Pink 155 166

 O-Ring (2)

Description Part No.
O-ring 153 235

Sterile module housing (3)

Description Part. No.
Classic, incl. O-ring 155 060

Filter ruber (4)

Description Part No.
Silicone, for holding the filter in the sterile module 153 225

Filter (5)

Volume Description Part No.
0.45 µm Sterile 153 015
0.45 µm Unsterile 153 016
0.2 µm Sterile 156 608
0.2 µm Unsterile 156 607

Pipette mount (6)

Description Part No.
Silicone, for holding the pipette in the sterile module 151 020

Sterile module complete (7)

Description Part. No.
Classic, complete  155 070


Description Part No.
Battery Li-ion, for PIPETGIRL and PIPETBOY acu 2 155 066

WARNING: Only use the original Li-ion battery for PIPETGIRL/PIPETBOY acu 2!
NiMH battery for PIPETBOY acu (previous generation) is not compatible!


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