INTEGRA ECO Racks containing 60 % less plastic

ECO Rack GripTips for Handheld Pipettes For EVOLVE, VIAFLO, VOYAGER And ASSIST


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Product story

Eco-friendly tip solution

Tired of your recycling bin overflowing with empty tip racks? ECO Racks significantly reduce the amount of plastic used in your lab, and are easily stacked and compressed to take up less recycling bin space.

  • ECO Racks contain 60 % less plastic than alternative racks.
  • The innovative rack design can be used with all single and multichannel INTEGRA handheld pipettes.
  • For the sturdiest and most convenient GripTip pipetting experience, ECO Racks can be paired with our one-of-a-kind, reusable PopTop Base.
  • For an even greener option, the PopTop Base is compatible with our GREEN CHOICE refill inserts.
How it Works

How it works

By designing our GripTips in tandem with INTEGRA pipettes, we have created a unique, integrated system that offers the securest pipette tip connection. Without hammering, the GripTips snap onto the pipette’s tip fitting, which prevents tips from loosening, leaking or falling off.

  • 60 % less plastic

    Six ECO Racks with pipette tips standing one on top of the other

    Molded from virgin polyethylene terephthalate (PET), ECO Racks use 60 % less material than standard GripTip racks.

  • Occupy less space

    ECO rack containing 60 % less plastic than alternative racks

    ECO Racks easily nest inside each other, and can be compressed to minimize the recycling bin space required.

  • Innovative rack design

    Scientist loading a pipette tip from a PopTop Base with a single channel EVOLVE pipette

    ECO Racks feature an innovative rib design to support GripTip loading from single, four, six, eight, twelve or sixteen channel INTEGRA manual and electronic handheld pipettes.

  • PopTop Base

    PopTop Base for pipette tip racks

    ECO Racks can be paired with our optional, reusable PopTop Base for sturdier, more convenient GripTip loading. Simply insert any ECO Rack into the PopTop Base to allow one-handed operation, plus lid opening at the press of a button, so you don’t have to put down your pipette while working.

  • GREEN CHOICE insert compatibility

    Scientist taking a GREEN CHOICE refill insert with pipette tips out of the packaging

    Use even less plastic! The PopTop Base is compatible with our GREEN CHOICE inserts, so you can make your lab even more environmentally friendly.

Customer Voices

Customer Voices


    Very Good

    "I have use this product. It's awesome...."

    Waqas Nazir Malik

    Islamia University of Bahawalpur

    April 2020

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See it work

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GripTip Pipette Tips
GripTip Pipette Tips

Use the GripTip Selector Guide to find your pipette tips

PopTop Base
PopTop Base

Compatible with ECO Racks and GREEN CHOICE refill inserts

PopTop Bases

Description Part No.
Small PopTop Base (for use with 12.5 µl, 125 µl and 300 µl GripTips)  3250
Large PopTop Base (for use with 1250 µl GripTips) 3255