INTEGRA Webshop - Intro & Interview (video)

INTEGRA Webshop - Intro & Interview

Oh yeah, I'm definitely excited about this new webshop going live. It's going to offer customers a totally new experience buying products from us and give them a lot more options, especially with their order payment methods. They'll be able to choose a variety of different payment methods, not just a credit card. They're going to be able to order with a PO, which is something new. They'll be able to request quotes prior to placing an order, in many cases for capital equipment items, for example. They'll be able to create a wish list of products for future reference, and they'll also be able to look at account-specific pricing and even prior order history.

I think the sales people should welcome this new webshop mainly because it's going to make their lives easier. I think we get a lot of small orders right now that we have to quote and detail for our customers, but I think this webshop will allow those orders to flow much more efficiently. And I think the time that we save by not having to do those activities will allow us, as salespeople, to build stronger relationships with our customers.

I think there are three important benefits that the webshop will allow salespeople to realize. First, it's going to provide less manual work for them because they won't have to quote every piece of business that comes their way. I think that will free up their time a little bit to do more prospecting and find new customers, expand their territories. But also, I think orders will be more efficient and faster to process because they'll be directly entered into SAP, ultimately getting the product to customers faster.

I think the new webshop is going to help increase sales in a couple of different ways. First of all, the webshop will make it easier to visibly see the products of interest and identify those products that customers want to buy. Additionally, related products and accessories will be shown clearly based on the product selected, encouraging customers to view and purchase them easily.

You know, the commission structure that we have in place for salespeople is not going to be impacted at all by the use of the web store. Everybody will receive their normal commissions based on where products are shipped.

I think this webshop is going to deliver its fullest potential when customers are made completely aware of it, and we need our salespeople out proactively communicating to customers that we have a new webshop. It exists, and it's a great resource, a great tool for another purchasing portal for INTEGRA products.

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