Increase productivity with new accessories for ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot

Slanted plate holder in a 20 degree angle with a 96 well plate on it

We’ve responded to customer requests and designed two new accessories – the slanted plate holder for cell-based assays and the cryogenic tube rack for biobanking – for our popular ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot, making methods more consistent and efficient.

Cell-based assays without disturbing cell layers

The slanted plate holder can tilt microplates at angles of 10°, 20° or 30°, allowing users to aspirate media or supernatant from the plate while minimizing dead volumes. This also allows easy aspiration from the side wall of each well, for gentle media exchange or supernatant removal without disturbing cell layers.

Rack for cryogenic tubes, 6x8 tubes

New tube rack

The new tube rack – designed to make sample handling and biobanking more efficient – is suitable for cryogenic tubes of volumes 0.5 to 4.5 ml, in a 6x8 format. There is an anti-twist feature which keeps the tubes from turning, allowing the user to open caps one-handed.

These new additions further expand our range of accessories, increasing the flexibility and versatility of the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot.


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