D-ONE – Single channel pipetting module for ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot (video)

D-ONE – Single channel pipetting module for ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot

Do you spend endless time adjusting the volumes for your sample normalization? Have you yet again missed one of the wells in your hit picking process? Well, you can stop right now. The ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot combined with the D1 single channel pipetting module offers effortless and reliable processing of these applications. While giving you all the walk away time, that you need.

The ASSIST PLUS automates INTEGRA's multi-channel pipettes as well as D1 pipetting modules. Precise hands-free transfers to and from tubes and plates, give the ASSIST PLUS unmatched flexibility and applications, and the D1 expands that versatility with transfers from single tubes or wells. And the best part, anyone can set up programs using the simple pipetting software VIALAB, which guides you through every step.

There are two D1 pipetting modules covering the transfer volumes from 0.5 to 300 microliters and 5 to 1'250 microliters. To guarantee hyperpetting precision throughout this wide volume range, you can attach two different grip tip sizes to each D1 pipetting module. Simply load the appropriate tip, to achieve the best precision depending on the transfer volume. The winning combination of INTEGRA's grip tips with our systems will give you consistently great results.

Because each module has a wide volume range, you can walk away for longer as low and high volumes can be perpetted without any manual intervention by the user. This makes the modules ideal for normalization of samples with low and high concentrations, as they can be diluted in one go.

D1 pipetting modules are able to detect the liquid level, guaranteeing that pipetting is always done at the right height. No setting of individual liquid levels is needed. D1 was also designed, to offer the easiest way to automate error-prone pipetting tasks, like normalization and hit picking. As each run for normalization or hit picking is different, you need to be able, to set up programs quickly and easily. Our pipetting software VIALAB has special programming steps for normalization and hit picking, to make this very straightforward for users.

For normalization enter the sample concentrations and the volumes for samples and diluent are automatically calculated. And you're off, start your pipetting. Normalization really can be that simple.

To run a hit picking process a work list with the hits, which need to be transferred is imported. Plate positions are assigned and the picking process can start straight away.No more worries, about locating your hit position on a plate.You can easily automate an endless list of applications, such as master mix preparation, serial dilutions of standards for standard curve, ngs library pooling, processing samples with different liquid levels and many more.

The D1 pipetting module offers the perfect add-on for labs, who want to benefit from unlimited applications on the ASSIST PLUS.Free yourself from routine pipetting and benefit from easy setup. Longer walk away time due to the wide volume range.

Best perpetting results, due to the detection of the liquid level. Reliable processing, including hit picking and normalization. All with the ASSIST PLUS for petting robot and D1 single channel pipetting modules. For more information visit our website.

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