ECO Rack & PopTop Base: Up to 60% less plastic waste in the laboratory (video)

ECO Rack & PopTop Base: Up to 60% less plastic waste in the laboratory

Is your lab looking for ways to reduce plastic waste, without compromising your research results? Are you tired of your recycling bins overflowing, with all of your empty tip racks? Well, INTEGRA now offers ECO racks, which reduce plastic rack material by more than 60 percent.

ECO racks contain the same high-quality INTEGRA grip tips. In an eco-friendly rack, for use with all INTEGRA handheld pipettes. These reduced plastic racks are designed to withstand tip loading forces from all INTEGRA single and multi-channel handheld pipettes. And are available in both 96 and 384 configurations.

Once empty ECO racks can be stacked and compressed, in order to minimize the space needed in your recycling bin. These racks also solve another common problem. Do you ever have to set your lab wear, sample or pipette down on the bench, because you need to open a pipette tip rack? Perhaps you prefer a sturdy tip rack, so pipette tips can be loaded using only one hand.

INTEGRA has developed the pop top base for use with ECO racks, for this exact reason to use. Simply load your ECO rack into the compatible pop-top base. ECO racks allow your lab to significantly reduce plastic wastes from pipette tip racks. Reduce required recycling bin space and also offer the one-of-a-kind pop top base for the sturdiest and most convenient grip tip pipette experience. The pop top base can also be used with INTEGRA green choice inserts, for even less plastic waste. Since the tip rack is not needed.

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