Meet our team | INTEGRA Biosciences (video)

Meet our team | INTEGRA Biosciences

Meet our INTEGRA Team:

I'm Michael. I'm Éva. My name is Claudia. I'm Lutfie Selimi. I'm Stephi. Just call me JP.

Describe your team!

My team is definitely the reason why 
I like getting up in the morning every day. Quite a colourful bunch, I must say. INTEGRA in one word: innovative, dynamic,
goal-oriented, family, appreciative, professional, open-minded and generous.

What do you like most about your work?

That's cardboard dust – sorry. What I like about my job is working together with other departments, from Production through to Sales.That we can learn new skills.That we pack for the whole world. You have to deal with virtually everything.You're in touch with the customer, you're always in contact with your colleagues, and you develop other products. I'm part of an international team. 
I can use my creativity, so I feel comfortable and challenged,
which makes this job exciting and enjoyable. The huge growth that the company is experiencing certainly ensures that the job will simply remain as varied in the long term.

If INTEGRA were an emoji, then I would choose this one, because we are taking off like a rocket. This one, because we are all creating something great together. There are two, because there are so many superheroes and fairy godmothers here, who make things possible that you wouldn't have thought were possible before. It would have to be the firework emoji, because we are simply brilliant.

What is special about INTEGRA?

It's the people who work here that make INTEGRA special for me. I have the feeling that everyone wants to learn from each other, and I think that is the best prerequisite for teamwork. I think it's exactly the combination of all these various personality that makes the difference.You notice that there is respect from every department.

What is Zizers like as a place to work?

When you start the morning by cycling through the Grison Alps, it is simply a beautiful morning to look forward to. It is very easily manageable, because there is a direct train from Zurich to Landquart. Working where others go on holiday.

What does your job mean to you?

For me, my job at INTEGRA means that I have found a task that really fulfills me and where I have the feeling that I can really make a difference and shape things. I can grow and develop with the company. They have enabled me to make a transition, from science to business. It's really easy to represent such a company,  who has such a great working culture and so great products.


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