Scientist use a VOYAGER tip spacing pipette to transfer liquid from a reservoir.

Looking for more productive pipetting...

...but in short supply of high quality pipette tips?

INTEGRA Biosciences is here to help!

We pledge that we can provide all current and future customers with a consistent and reliable supply of pipette tips. Read our tip availability statement to learn how we can make this claim.

Tip availability statement

Our unique GRIPTIPS® are designed specifically for INTEGRA handheld pipettes and benchtop devices, manufactured exclusively in house, and supplied to customers around the world to fulfill our mission of accelerating science together.

Our pipetting solutions



1 - 16 channel handheld pipettes


24, 96 and 384 channel handheld electronic pipettes


Pipetting robots












INTEGRA's EVOLVE manual pipettes

INTEGRA's VIAFLO electronic pipettes

VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette



MINI 96 channel portable electronic pipette


VIAFLO 96 electronic multichannel pipette

VIAFLO 384 electronic multichannel pipette


ASSIST pipetting robot

ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot

1 - 16 channel manual pipettes 1 - 16 channel electronic pipettes 4 - 12 channel adjustable tip spacing electronic pipettes   96 channel portable electronic pipettes 24 and 96 channel handheld electronic pipettes 24, 96, and 384 channel handheld electronic pipettes   Automating multichannel pipettes Pipetting robot for full workflow automation
Ideal for labs who are looking for lightweight manual or electronic pipettes with tips that never loosen, leak or fall off Ideal for labs who are working with different labware formats   Ideal for labs who want to greatly increase plate filling productivity
Compare 24, 96 and 384 channel pipettes in detail
  Ideal for labs who want to increase hands-free time by automating their workflows

EVOLVE product page

VIAFLO product page

VOYAGER product page
MINI 96 product page

VIAFLO 96 product page

VIAFLO 384 product page
ASSIST product page

ASSIST PLUS product page
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