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Automation technician with Federal Proficiency Certificate (EFZ)

  • 2025
  • 2026
Ursin - Auszubildender Automatiker

The first two years of the apprenticeship consist of basic training. Among other things, you will produce subassemblies, controls or electrical components. During the final two years, you will help develop new laboratory equipment, as well as build and test electronic circuits. You will also create PLC programs and work on automating the product lines.

Commercial clerk with Federal Proficiency Certificate (EFZ), Swiss Commercial Association (KV) profile E or M

  • 2025
  • 2026
Starte deine Ausbildung mit der INTEGRA in Graubünden

As a commercial clerk, you will change departments every six months. You will be working a lot on a PC and will have contact with customers and other individuals. This will give you a very comprehensive insight into our company. Your time will be spent in the following departments: Reception and Administration; Marketing; Customer Service; Materials Management; Human Resources; and Accounting.

Design engineer with Federal Proficiency Certificate (EFZ)

  • 2025
Starte deine Lehre als Konstrukteur mit INTEGRA

As a design engineer, you will work as part of an interdisciplinary team. Creativity and precise work are key strengths when working on development projects. Another task is to identify and solve technical problems. You will design parts for machines and tools, create their manufacturing documents and support the production side with their implementation.

Electronics technician with Federal Proficiency Certificate (EFZ)

  • 2025
Elektroniker INTEGRA

As an electronics technician, you will design circuit boards and create manufacturing documents. You will develop hardware and write software for prototypes and new devices. In addition, you will assemble devices and test them extensively. You will then carry out general measuring and testing jobs, as well as commissioning and maintenance work.

IT technician with Federal Proficiency Certificate (EFZ)

  • 2026
Jaime Aresu Auszubildender Informatiker

As an IT technician, you will set up computers and other equipment for new employees, and provide user support for IT services. You will set up networks and put server systems into operation. Then you will work on developing them. You will also carry out maintenance for networks and servers and create systems for data backup or archiving.

Logistician (Warehouse) EFZ

  • 2024
Logistiker EFZ

As a logistician, you are responsible for the receipt, management and distribution of goods. You receive goods, check them and enter them into our system. You ensure that they are stored according to their requirements and that the correct information is entered into the system. You prepare customer orders on a daily basis and get them ready for shipment. In our company, you have access to modern storage systems such as high rack and small parts warehouses.

Media specialist with Federal Proficiency Certificate (EFZ)

  • 2026
Mauro Schlosser Auszubildender 2022

Media specialists work with various media technologies and media channels. They work at the intersection of administration; marketing and IT; and image, text and video production. They also run websites and social media channels, or develop advertising materials such as brochures or fliers. Here at INTEGRA, you will complete a four-year apprenticeship in a steadily growing company.

Production mechanic with Federal Proficiency Certificate (EFZ)

  • 2024
  • 2025
Mache jetzt deine Lehre als Produktionsmechaniker/ in bei INTEGRA

As a production mechanic, you will become familiar with the basic techniques of metalworking, such as drilling, turning and milling, and apply them to produce subassemblies. The more in-depth training involves the independent assembly, testing and commissioning of the devices. Individual parts are first pre-assembled into modules, which are then assembled into the complete device.

How to apply at INTEGRA

Getting started couldn’t be easier!

Send your cover letter, CV and photo – as well as your reports from secondary school and other relevant documents directly through our website (Apprenticeship/ Trial Apprenticeship) and you'll be off to a good start.

Try it out – and be on the right track!

Choose a trial apprenticeship to discover all there is to know about the apprenticeship, and get a clearer picture of what’s involved. You will receive exclusive supervision for two to three days, and get to know the profession, the environment and your future instructors. This trial apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills, and to impress us during the interview.

Signing your apprenticeship contract – you’ve made it!

You’ve found your dream job and convinced us. Now we’re counting on you, and are looking forward to a prosperous and varied apprenticeship for you. You may sign your contract on the spot, in the presence of your parents.

Any questions?

Olivia Bislin, our training officer, will be happy to answer your questions: +41 81 286 98 28.