MINI 96 96 Channel Portable Electronic Pipette

96 Channel Portable Electronic Pipette

Product story

The most affordable 96 channel electronic pipette on the market – fits any budget and workspace, and ready to use straight out of the box.

The MINI 96 is the solution for laboratories that want to fill 96 and 384 well plates faster and more precisely than is possible using traditional handheld pipettes while keeping under budget. As the world’s most affordable 96 channel option on the market, it enables simultaneous whole plate pipetting – as well as partial plate filling – to ensure that your lab’s productivity skyrockets compared to 8 and 12 channel pipettes.

Its tiny size and portability allow the instrument to be easily moved for use anywhere in the lab, from the LAFC to small work spaces on any lab bench. The MINI 96 is also easy to use – simply turn it on and start pipetting. 

Access to more productivity for every lab, every work space, and every budget.

Did you know that there is another 96 channel instrument from INTEGRA which offers more channels (24, 384), working positions (up to 3), and hands-off time? 

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How it Works

How it works

MINI 96 transfers 96 samples in a single step, making filling these plates much faster and more reproducible. In addition, individual columns of a plate can be filled as well (8 samples, 16 samples, 24 samples…), replacing the need to use 8 channel pipettes entirely. Up to two positions for labware can be used at one time (eg. Reservoir and 96 well plate).

  • Simple handheld operation

    MINI 96 all instruments simple handheld operation

    MINI 96 is a handheld 96 channel electronic pipette, made to increase the productivity and reproducibility of every lab filing 96 or 384 well plates. It is as simple to use as a single channel electronic pipette.  A servo motor assists all movements, resulting in effortless pipetting - just sit and start pipetting. Manual indexing from 96 to 384 format is a breeze with the flippable Base Stage.

  • Portable, tiny footprint

    MINI 96 portable tiny footprint

    With a footprint about the size of a 96 well plate, the MINI 96 fits on any bench space in any lab. It’s extremely light weight and small, allowing everyone to grab and move it to exactly where it’s needed. In addition, its tiny size and portability make it the ideal instrument to use and move into and out of a Laminar Flow Cabinet.

  • Easy to understand menu

    MINI 96 easy to understand menu

    No formal training required – simply turn on and start pipetting, guided by the logical menu navigation. There are even tutorials to help answer any questions a new user might have.

  • Removable second labware position

    MINI 96 with second labware

    A removable Second Stage comes standard with each MINI 96 to reduce labware handling. The source plate or reservoir can be placed on the base stage, then target plates can be loaded onto the Second Stage for filling.

  • Optionally fill partial plates or single columns

    MINI 96 partial tip loading how it works

    Filling partial plates, for example, half plates or a few columns, or performing serial dilutions is easily achieved using the optional Two Position Stage. This avoids excessive plate handling, streamlining protocols and giving you the flexibility to find the optimal set-up for you. Of course, it can also be used to load all 96 tips as well!

  • GRIPTIPS® Pipette Tips which never leak or fall off

    GripTip pipette tips snap into place with minimal tip loading effort resulting in superior accuracy and precision results.

    Losing a tip during an assay preparation can ruin hours of work. Also a reliable sealing between tip and fitting to avoid dripping tips is of key importance for accurate pipetting.

    INTEGRA has redesigned the connection between pipette tip and tip fitting to eliminate these issues. The unique GRIPTIPS® Pipette Tips are comfortably loaded and ejected without any physical effort due to a power assisted mechanism activated by a push button. The loading procedure also guarantees that GRIPTIPS® are not touched by the user and remain sterile.

Customer Voices

Customer Voices


    Just Received!

    "Have only just started using it this week. There are a few kinks and a possibility that it needs to be recalibrated. But the rest of the functionality is working as expected so far."

    Natalie Holste

    Birch Biosciences


    Makes time-sensitive plate reader experiments super easy!

    "Game changer for high-throughput plate reader kinetics experiments "

    Ashlyn Hillman

    University of Delaware


    Great product!

    "We bought a Mini 96 last year to aid in a high throughput chemical compound screen, and I love it. Using it is very intuitive and an easy learning curve. It saves me so much time in every step of our experimental workflow. Lindsay was also super helpful in setting up the quote and pricing, as well a..."

    Ciara Bauwens

    Boston College

See it Work

See it work


Uses and Applications

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Repeat Dispense
Repeat Dispense

Filling multiple 96 or 384 well plates.

The MINI 96 has been developed to make filling 96 and 384 well plates easier and faster, whether you are filling from a reservoir or a well plate. Precisely filling each well in a plate at the same time and at a consistent speed improves reproducibility and accuracy, allowing a higher throughput of samples without compromising on quality. 

Mixing Mode
Mixing Mode

Ensure that mixed liquids are homogenous with the MINI 96.

The mixing mode on the MINI 96 ensures that dispensed liquids are homogenous in every well, even across multiple plates.

Plate to Plate Transfers
Plate to Plate Transfers

The MINI 96 duplicates plates, transfers from 96 to 384 wells and more.

The MINI 96 makes plate to plate transfers easy , whether for simple duplication or from 96 to 384 wells, with a choice of predefined pipetting protocols or custom options to exactly match your workflow.

If you would like to learn more about plate to plate transfers with the MINI 96 portable electronic pipette and other electronic pipettes of INTEGRA, see this application note: Plate to plate transfer 

Partial Plates and Serial Dilution
Partial Plates and Serial Dilution

Partial plate filling and serial dilution with Two Position Stage.

Filling partial plates, for example, half plates or a few columns, or performing serial dilutions is easily achieved using the optional Two Position Stage . This avoids excessive plate handling, streamlining protocols and giving you the flexibility to find the optimal set-up for you.

Magnetic Bead Purifications
Magnetic Bead Purifications

Higher throughput for magnetic bead clean-ups

Magnetic bead purifications are extensively used in molecular biology for PCR clean-ups, NGS library prep size selection, and nucleic acid extraction. In protein research, they play a crucial role in targeted protein enrichment. These processes typically involve repetitive and tedious liquid transfers. However, the integration of MAG modules on the MINI 96 enables processing of 96 samples in one go, significantly streamlining workflows and optimizing efficiency.

Tech Info

Tech info

Find here a quick overview of the product specifications. More detailed information can be found in the download-section below.

Dimensions 12.5 µl, 125 µl (W x D x H)
16 cm x 26 cm x 40 cm (6.3" x 10.2" x 15.8")
Dimensions 300 µl, 1250 µl (W x D x H)
16 cm x 26 cm x 44 cm (6.3" x 10.2" x 17.3")
Weight 12.5 µl, 125 µl
8.8 kg
Weight 300 µl, 1250 µl
9.4 kg
Power Requirements
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Pipetting channels
Compatible formats
96-, and 384-well microplates, shallow and deep well
Labware positions
Up to 2
Downloads & More Parts and Numbers

Parts and numbers


MINI 96 Handheld Electronic Pipette Portable

Description Part No.
MINI 96 Pipette, 0.5 -12.5 µl 4801
MINI 96 Pipette, 5 - 125 µl 4802
MINI 96 Pipette, 10 - 300 µl 4803
MINI 96 Pipette, 50 - 1250 µl 4804

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MINI 96 Family
Tiny footprint and low weight ensure it can be moved everywhere in the lab, including in and out of LAFC
Two Position Stage
Two Position Stage

Ideal for full or partial plates

The Two Position Stage (PN 4850) allows for partial tips to be loaded in order to fill only one column at a time, for example when performing a serial dilution. Also, applications which require only a few columns or a half plate can also be easily accomplished using this stage. This stage can also be used to fill full plates as well.

MINI 96 partial tip loading 8 tips two position stage detail
MINI 96 partial tip load
Automation Friendly Clear Advantage™ Reservoirs
Automation Friendly Clear Advantage™ Reservoirs

Reservoir bases, lids and disposable reagent reservoirs

INTEGRA offers two types of automation friendly reagent reservoirs:

  • 150 ml and 300 ml Clear Advantage™ reagent reservoirs which are made of both crystal clear virgin polystyrene and polypropylene. Both options fit into a reusable automation friendly base with bold, crisp, clearly visible graduation markings.
  • The 300 ml open well, 12 column and 8 row polypropylene reservoir blocks offer improved chemical compatibility.

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Automation Friendly Reservoir
300 ml automation friendly reservoir
Replacement O-Rings
Replacement O-Rings

O-Rings for Tip Fittings

Description Part No.
200/300 µl, replacement kit, 24/pack 100-00027-50
200/300 µl, replacement kit, 100/pack 125928
1000/1250 µl, replacement kit, 24/pack 100-00028-50
1000/1250 µl, replacement kit, 100/pack 125929

Cooling options for the product

Passive cooling

Our passive, iceless cooling blocks keep buffers, enzymes and samples uniformly chilled and ready for use, giving you more time for preparation and processing of your experiments before enzyme or DNA samples begin to degrade. The 96-well cooling block can also accommodate 0.2 ml PCR tubes. 

Description Part No.
PCR 96 Well Cooling Block 6250
PCR 384 Well Cooling Block 6255
Flat Bottom Cooling Block 6260
GRIPTIPS® Pipette Tips
GRIPTIPS® Pipette Tips

Use the GRIPTIPS® Selector Guide to find your pipette tips.

MAG Modules
MAG Modules

Streamline magnetic bead purifications


Description Part No.
MAG module for magnetic separation 4900
HEATMAG module for heating and magnetic separation 4901
Adapter for 1.5 ml tubes, 4 x 6 format (MAG / HEATMAG) 4905
Adapter for 96 well PCR plate (MAG /HEATMAG) 4906
Adapter and magnetic array for 384 well PCR plate (MAG) 4908
Communication module for MAG modules 4222
Pedestal (+50 mm) 4963