How to use a pipette: Correct volume range (video)

How to use a pipette: Correct volume range

Hello everyone, some pipettes have fixed volumes, but most have a volume range, which the pipette can handle. Are you aware, that the volume range of your pipette can have a very very big impact on both accuracy and precision?

Essentially the closer your dispense volume is to the total volume of the pipette, the better your results will be. So if you have a hundred microliter pipette you shouldn't use it for 10 microliter dispenses, if accuracy and precision are important. Ideally you should work between 35 and 100 of the full volume of a pipette. Below 35 the volume of dead air in the pipette becomes quite large and the risk of inaccurate and imprecise dispensing increases.

Obviously if you're not concerned with the results of your pipetting, feel free to pipette the entire range of your pipette's volume. But consider getting pipettes closer to your target volume, if you really want to make an impact on your accuracy and precision. If you enjoyed this video leave a like subscribe and i will see you next time.


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