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VACUBOY Vacuum Hand Operator

Vacuum Hand Operator

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Convert any vacuum source into a user-friendly aspiration system

Successful removal of supernatants from lab containers by means of a vacuum aspiration system depends on applying the correct level of vacuum and on using an aspirator tip that matches the size and form of the container from which liquid is aspirated.

In order to convert any vacuum source into a user-friendly aspiration system, INTEGRA has come up with VACUBOY, a versatile aspiration tool for aspirating liquids from virtually every laboratory vessel.

How it Works

How it works

VACUBOY is a versatile aspiration tool that converts any vacuum source into a user-friendly aspiration system for aspirating liquids from virtually any laboratory container – at the touch of a button and in a controlled way.

The hand piece, the core element of VACUBOY, is simply connected to any available vacuum source using silicone tubing and fitted with one of the different aspiration adapters.

The perfect match is obtained when VACUBOY is connected to a VACUSAFE aspiration system.

  • Versatile

    VACUBOY hand operator is a versatile tool with large choice of adapters

    Following features make VACUBOY a versatile tool:

    • The large choice of adapters allows VACUBOY to handle liquids from all tubes, dishes, bottles, T-flasks or multi-well plates, suiting their form and size.

    • Adapters for aspiration with Pasteur pipettes, serological pipettes, disposable pipette tips or stainless steel needles.

    • Multi-channel adapters for fast emptying of multi-well plates.
  • Convenient

    VACUBOY hand operator with touch-sensitive button to regulate vacuum

    Vacuum regulation by a touch-sensitive button for controlled and smooth aspiration of liquids.

    Ergonomic, perfectly suited for long working, productive or repetitive aspiration tasks.

  • Safe

    nti-drip system prevents liquid waste leakage from the tip or pipette

    The anti-drip system prevents liquid waste leakage from the tip or pipette, reducing contamination risks when working with biohazardous liquids.

    Autoclavable and sterilizable, VACUBOY allows a maximal safety in the laboratory when working with hazardous biological liquid waste.

VACUBOY adapters
VACUBOY adapters

A large choice of adapters enables VACUBOY to handle liquids from virtually any laboratory containers. Autoclavable, sterilizable, they simplify daily aspiration tasks.

VACUBOY vacuum hand operator with large range of adapters
VACUBOY Adapters

A-E: Stainless steel tips

  • Flame sterilizable for maximal safety
  • Different lengths of needle to fit the size of all tubes, flasks, bottles etc.
  • 4- and 8-channel adapters to accommodate 12- to 96-well plates

F-H: GripTips and I-K: Generic Tips

  • Series of adapters for generic tips or GripTips
  • Ideal for sterile and safe liquid handling and avoiding contamination risks
  • Tip ejector for mono-channel adapter to ensure user safety
  • 8-channel adapters with tip ejector for efficient and comfortable work with multi-well plates

L: Pasteur, aspiration and serological pipettes

  • Simply to be inserted in the hand operator
  • Best suited for large containers like T-flasks, bottles and tubes
  • Ideal for removal of media in cell culture

Customer Voices


    Excellent system, alarm a little finicky

    "I have 6 years of experience using and maintaining Vacusafe systems. The flow rate and functionality is excellent. The Vacuboy is very comfortable to hold and overall the system performs very well. We had some issues with the full alarm going off when it shouldn't, so ended up disabling this featur..."

    Katrina Ellestaad

    University of Calgary


    Very useful product!

    "The vacuboy save us plenty of time when working with multiple 96 well plates and make the work much more efficient."

    Dalia Rosin





    adeline rascalou


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See it work

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VACUBOY hand operator

Description Part No.
VACUBOY hand operator-set consists of:
  • VACUBOY hand operator
  • Stand for hand operator
  • Rubber adapter for Pasteur pipettes
  • 1-channel stainless steel adapter 40 mm
  • 8-channel stainless steel adapter 40 mm
  • 1-channel adapter for disposable tips/GripTips (with locking)
  • 1-channel adapter with ejector for disposable tips (with locking)
  • 8-channel adapter with ejector for disposable tips (with locking)
  • Silicone tubing, length 180 cm
  • Silicone grease

155 500

VACUBOY hand operator with:
  • VACUBOY hand operator
  • 1-channel stainless adapter 40 mm
  • 1-channel adapter with ejector for disposable tips (with locking)
  • Rubber adapter for Pasteur pipettes
  • Silicone grease

155 510