WELLJET reagent dispenser provides fast buffer dispensing for KingFisher™ nucleic acid purification

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This article was originally published on 21. October 2020 and has been updated.

WELLJET reagent dispenser provides fast buffer dispensing for KingFisher™ nucleic acid purification

Rapid reagent preparation for automated extraction

During the purification process, the KingFisher system uses magnetic rods integrated into a head that collects magnetic beads from each well, and transfers them from one washing solution to the next. While this instrument offers an easy and fast method of nucleic acid extraction, it only moves the beads from one buffer solution to another – it does not perform any pipetting steps for the reagents themselves. The washing solutions and plates therefore need to be filled before the run and loaded into the instrument. The WELLJET reagent dispenser is the perfect instrument for this step.

The WELLJET can quickly and efficiently prepare purification plates for KingFisher instruments, providing a streamlined and reliable workflow for nucleic acid purification. Highlights of the instrument include:

  • Capability to dispense a large range of volumes using the same set up
  • Full labware flexibility, compatible with plates from 6 to 1536 wells, including deep well and PCR plates
  • Easy to use touch screen and simple programming – no training required
  • Small footprint to fit into any lab
  • Tubing can be placed directly into reagent/buffer manufacturer’s bottles, eliminating the need to transfer liquids into a new container and decreasing the risk of contamination

Optimized dispensing of various solutions

The WELLJET offers fast and simple plate preparation for a number of different formats – including 24 or 96 well deep well plates used by the KingFisher systems – dispensing defined volumes of buffers or solutions for the various steps of nucleic acid extraction. This includes viscous solutions, such as the wash buffers and magnetic beads, which require optimization to efficiently dispense without creating air bubbles. The WELLJET can also be used for volatile solutions such as ethanol, which can be difficult to handle when using an air displacement pipette.

WELLJET reagent dispenser in a laminar flow cabinet

WELLJET dispenser stacker supports high throughput applications

For labs who would like to use the WELLJET not only for KingFisher purification protocols but to streamline other high throughput applications using standard instead of deep well plates as well, the WELLJET dispenser stacker is the ideal system. It uses removable plate towers designed for either 25 or 50 standard plates – as well as many lidded plates – to allow for longer unattended operation, without compromising the reproducibility of dispensing.

WELLJET dispenser stacker putting a lidded 96 well plate into the plate chimney