ASSIST PLUS – Affordable Pipetting Robot For Full Workflow Automation (video)

ASSIST PLUS – Affordable Pipetting Robot For Full Workflow Automation

Long pipetting protocols, such as serial dilutions, can be challenging to perform correctly and accurately. Mistakes can easily occur, such as bottoming out with tips and aspirating air. Distractions and a lack of concentration can quickly result in missing rows or samples being confused. Wouldn't it be great, if you had a tireless and affordable assistant, taking over all your routine pipetting?

Wow! Introducing the new ASSIST PLUS freeing you from all your routine liquid handling tasks, to give you more time. By automating your pipetting, you can eliminate physical strain, ensure superior reproducibility and error-free pipetting, in order to achieve excellent results.

Here's how it works. Simply click in any INTEGRA multi-channel pipette or the D1 single channel pipetting module.Set up the ASSIST PLUS deck with your lab wear. Select the pipetting program and press run. The ASSIST class loads grip tips automatically and can even change tips, in between the pipetting process. Best pipetting results are guaranteed by ensuring constant pipetting angles, tip immersion depth and pipetting speeds. Grip tips are automatically ejected, into the waste bin.

Basic programs can be created and adjusted directly on the pipette, using the intuitive touch wheel interface. Select the predefined program and simply adapt the default settings to your specific requirements. For more advanced programs, the pc software VIALAB offers an easy and intuitive graphical user interface. From the existing libraries pick and place pipettes, grip tips and the required lab wear, such as reagent reservoirs and plates.Choose your pipetting task and define the basic parameters, such as source and target. All that's left, is to select the required volumes and you're ready to go.

The ASSIST PLUS works with all INTEGRA's electronic multi-channel pipettes and the D1 single channel pipetting module. This allows for pipetting of a wide range of volumes from 1 to 16 channels, for unlimited applications. All VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes fit on the ASSIST PLUS. Making it the only benchtop pipetting robot, which is able to pipette between different lab wear formats. The ASSIST PLUS deck accommodates a variety of reagent reservoirs from INTEGRA.

Special racks are available for different tubes, as well as pcr plates. One typical application includes reagent addition. Using the repeat dispense program and a 16 channel pipette even a 384 well plate can be processed in under two minutes. Using a VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette, multiple samples can be transferred from tubes to plate in one go. Speeding up the process significantly.

Another typical application is sample reformatting in plates. Seen here for example, from 96 to 384 wells. Serial dilutions are tedious and error prone to carry out by hand. ASSIST PLUS never gets tired and doesn't make mistakes. Mixing is always carried out at optimal speeds and heights, guaranteeing consistent perfect results. Plus it automatically changes tips after every row, if needed. The four and six channel voyager pipettes are perfect for any cell culture application in 12 to 48 well plates.

ASSIST PLUS can automatically remove supernatant and add new media afterwards. For pipetting out of, or into individual wells or tubes, the D1 single channel pipetting module is the ideal solution for full flexibility for your assay automation. High precision across the full volume range and automatic detection of the liquid level, allows for the best results possible in your normalization hit picking or master mix setup. The days of tedious handheld pipetting are finally over. Wow! ASSIST PLUS frees you from routine pipetting.

The best pipetting results are guaranteed by ensuring consistent pipetting angles, tip immersion depth and pipe heading speeds. The revolutionary ASSIST PLUS and its wide range of compatible pipettes, including adjustable tip spacing VOYAGER pipettes and the D1 single channel pipetting module, makes it the most flexible and affordable pipetting robot for your lab.


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