NGS Automation

NGS Automation

Fully automated NGS sample and library preparation

The process of preparing an NGS sample to create a sequencing-ready library differs depending on the sample type, sequencing platform and application. However, all protocols share a common challenge: the liquid handling steps are cumbersome, time consuming and error prone when performed manually.

Automating sample and library preparation steps – such as adapter ligation, PCR amplification or magnetic bead purification – can free you from these tedious liquid handling tasks and enhance reproducibility.

Our offering

Our MIRO CANVAS NGS prep system automates entire sample and library preparation workflows for both short- and long-read sequencing. It offers verified protocols for different applications, ensuring accuracy, precision and reliability for high quality end results.

Simply pipette your sample and reagents into the system's cartridge, press the start button and walk away. The set-up process requires no more than 15 minutes of hands-on time per run.

The system not only boosts your lab's productivity by freeing you up for other tasks, but also maintains the integrity of your nucleic acids for long-read sequencing through gentle sample handling. Moreover, the platform enables small volume reactions, reducing reagent use for library preparation by up to 75 %.


Check out these app notes to learn more about the advantages of MIRO CANVAS: