Scientist using a VACUSAFE aspiration system to aspirate red liquid from a cell culture flask

VACUSAFE Safe Aspiration System

Safe Aspiration System

Product story

Safe disposal of biological liquids

Vacuum systems are widely used in biological laboratories for the aspiration, collection and subsequent disposal of biological liquid waste. Typically, “do-it-yourself” systems, consisting of a vacuum flask connected via a tubing to a water-jet pump, are found in laboratories. However, these self-made systems have some significant drawbacks. Emptying the flask is tedious and messy, connected Pasteur pipettes can get broken and injure the operator and most critical, the vacuum source often gets contaminated by liquids or aerosols.

As a much safer and user-friendly alternative, INTEGRA developed the VACUSAFE aspiration system. VACUSAFE is a compact, all-in-one laboratory vacuum pump, providing a safe and efficient way to collect and contain biological liquid waste. For maximum safety, VACUSAFE is equipped with vacuum source protection, a shatterproof bottle and a secure stand that holds the bottle in place.

How it Works

How it works

VACUSAFE combines vacuum pump, collection bottle, overflow protection and filter in an all-in-one liquid aspiration system. Such a closed aspiration system offers the most effective method for containment of biohazardous liquids by maximal personal protection.

  • Safety first - Protect yourself and the lab

    VACUSAFE in laminary flow benches offers different levels of safety

    The VACUSAFE product range offers different levels of safety depending on the requirements of specific applications.

    For total containment of hazardous liquids, VACUSAFE provides following safety features:

    • Integrated pump with vacuum control
    • Self-closing connectors to avoid escape of drops or aerosols
    • Level sensor detecting when the bottle is full
    • 0.45 µm or 0.2 µm hydrophobic filter to choose from

    VACUSAFE enables Biosafety level 1, 2 and 3 labs to comply with the stringent user safety guidelines for handling contaminated solutions while maximising productivity and minimising noise and operational inconveniences.

  • User-friendly - For productive aspiration tasks

    VACUSAFE with handle is easy portable

    A simple routine task like the aspiration of liquids requires user-friendly equipment that is easy to install and convenient to operate. Several aspects make VACUSAFE a convenient tool for productive aspiration:

    • All-in-one system includes all necessary components
    • Straightforward operation – simply switch on, set the desired vacuum and start working
    • Integrated pump switches off automatically when the vacuum is established in the bottle
    • Noise of the integrated pump is below 50 dB(A)
    • Quick tubing connectors speed up bottle removal
  • Versatile tools for all liquid aspiration tasks

    VACUSAFE allows aspirating liquids form T-Flasks, well-plates and much more

    An important component contributing to the versatility of the VACUSAFE system is the vacuum aspiration tool VACUBOY because it can be fitted with different adapters for removal of liquids from virtually every laboratory vessel.

    The application range is further expanded by the possibility to adjust the vacuum level depending on the needs: from gentle removal of supernatants from a centrifuge tube or 96-well plate to fast emptying of a large culture flask.

Customer Voices

Customer Voices


    Fast, easy and clean

    "The Vacusafe works really well and can be easily cleaned and sterilized to be used in cell culture"

    Eunice Paisana

    Instituto De Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes


    The pump saves us a lot of time when we are working on the bench

    "A really reliable pump with nice features to quickly remove media from various formats."

    Johanna Eichberg

    Fraunhofer IME


    Vacusafe is great!

    "Very useful, great product. Would recommend to everyone who are using aspiration in their lab. "

    Beril Mersinoglu


See it Work

See it work

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Tech Info

Tech info

Find here a quick overview of the product specifications. More detailed information can be found in the download-section below.

Vacuum range
-300 to -600 mbar (adjustable)
Pump flow rate
8 l/min (air)
Aspiration rate
17 ml/s (aspiration pipette)
Noise emission
<50 dB (A) at 1 m
Dimensions (H x W x D)
53 x 18 x 32 cm
3.4 kg
Input voltage
100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Downloads & More Parts and Numbers

Parts and numbers



Aspiration system with an integrated vacuum pump, complete with collection bottle, closed lid, bottle handle (models 158310, 158320), tubing set with filter, mains adapter and VACUBOY hand operator (155 510).


Part No.

  • 2 L bottle (safety coated glass) for autoclaving
  • Level detection (overflow protection) and lid with quick tubing couplings (PVDF, bottle and tubing couplings are self-sealing for full containment of biohazardous liquids)

158 300

  • 4 L bottle (polypropylene) for chemical deactivation
  • Level detection (overflow protection) and lid with quick tubing couplings (PVDF, bottle and tubing couplings are self-sealing for full containment of biohazardous liquids)

158 310

  • 4 L bottle (polypropylene) for chemical deactivation
  • Lid with tubing fittings

158 320

INTEGRA VACUSAFE Aspiration System range
Full range of VACUSAFE aspiration systems

 Features common to all models:

  • Shatterproof autoclavable waste collection bottle and handle
  • Hydrophobic filter for protection against overflow of liquid and escape of aerosols
  • Autoclavable VACUBOY aspiration tool with different adapters and tubing
  • Vacuum control: noise reduction, increased pump's lifetime, minimised evaporation of volatile solvents.

General Accessories for VACUSAFE

Description Part No.
Bottle 4 L with closed lid, polypropylene 158 370
Bottle 2 L with closed lid, safety-coated glass 158 483
Lid for 4 Lpolypropylene bottle, with quick couplings (PVDF) and level detection 158 401
Lid for 4 L polypropylene bottle, with tubing fittings 158 372
Lid for 2 L safety-coated glass bottle, with quick couplings (PVDF) and level detection 158 484
Bottle 4 L with closed lid, polypropylene, lid with quick couplings (PVDF) and level detection (part no. 158 370 and 158 401) 158 431
Bottle 4 L with closed lid, polypropylene, lid with tubing fitting (part no. 158 370 and 158 372) 158 432
2 L safety-coated glass bottle with closed lid, incl. bottle adaptor and lid with quick couplings (PVDF) and level detection (part no. 158 485 and 158 483 and 158 484) 158 485
Liquid level sensor part for 2 L glass bottle lid 158 402
Bottle handle for carrying the 2 L or 4 L bottle, removable 158 625
Bottle stand for 4 L polypropylene bottle 158 631
Stand for PIPETBOY and VACUBOY 155 065
Mains adapter (100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) 158 395
Air outlet connector for connection of tubing 4 – 6 mm to the air outlet of the pump (without tubing) 158 427
Y-connector for connection of a second VACUBOY hand operator 158 354
VACUBOY hand operator (description: see VACUBOY ordering information) 155 510
2 L glass bottle adaptor for VACUSAFE base unit 158 631

Tubing and Filter

Description Part No.
Tubing for connection of hand operator VACUBOY to bottle, 180 cm, silicone 158 332
Tubing for connection of bottle to instrument pump, 70 cm, silicone 158 331
Tubing set with filter (part no. 158 331, 158 332 and 158 015) 158 342
Filter non-sterile 0.45 µm for VACUSAFE 158 015
Filter non-sterile 0.2 µm for VACUSAFE 158 020
Gasket for 2 L glass bottle lid 158 409