Laboratory Integration with INTEGRA

Laboratory integration with INTEGRA

Streamline your workflow with improved connectivity

All INTEGRA product which are available for laboratory integration

Save time and experience new levels of productivity

The rapid evolution of ‘connected’ technologies has made digitalization a key focus for the future of many life sciences companies. Automation offers laboratories the opportunity to create digital and walk-away workflows, improving both productivity and reliability. But did you know that your INTEGRA electronic pipettes and liquid handling instruments could be part of your integrated lab workflow?

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How could integration benefit you?


  • Improved Efficiency

    Integration automates tasks, speeds up your experiments, and boosts lab efficiency

  • Data integration and analysis

    Automation connects instruments for efficient data analysis and faster decision-making

  • Streamlined workflows

    Integrated instruments minimize downtime, enhancing productivity

We are pleased to offer API commands and hardware to help you with your integration project, backed by the quality, precision and convenience you expect from INTEGRA products.



Integrate your INTEGRA products into your automated workflow

We can provide the API packages for you to use with your new or existing INTEGRA equipment, with the support of independent or your in-house integration experts. So far, we have developed API packages for the following products, offering bi-directional integration into your automated workflow via a Bluetooth or wired connection - we will continue to expand the range of INTEGRA products which can be integrated:


Pipetting Robot For Full Workflow Automation

Learn more about ASSIST PLUS

ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot with three deck positions, showing a 96 deep well plate, an INTEGRA rack for swab tubes, GRIPTIPS and the VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette.


Reagent Dispenser

Learn more about WELLJET

WELLJET Reagent Dispenser


Our 4, 6, 8, and 12 channel electronic pipettes offer a wide volume range (0.5-1250 µl) and adjustable tip spacing.

Learn more about VOYAGER pipettes

VOYAGER, 8 channel series


Our 1, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 channel electronic pipettes, with fixed tip spacing and a wide volume range (0.5-1250 µl).

Learn more about VIAFLO pipettes

The VIAFLO electronic pipette family - single channel pipettes


Automation in action

INTEGRA has already provided API packages to support successful integration projects across the globe, and we are pleased to share these examples:


WELLJET and ASSIST PLUS can be fully integrated into automated work cells from Lab Services.

BCEIA 2019

Integration of single channel VIAFLO electronic pipettes as part of a ‘Lab of the Future’ display at BCEIA 2019.

Watch the video

IUTA (Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology)

IUTA has integrated a VIAFLO single channel pipette for their cytostatic drug testing.

Watch the video

Analytica 2020

An 8 channel VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette was integrated into a workflow created in LabOperator to carry out a simple dilution within a 96 well plate.

Watch the video


Keio University

Researchers in Tokyo have integrated multiple multichannel VIAFLO pipettes into a fully automated robotic workflow.

Read the article


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