Meet our production team | INTEGRA Biosciences (video)

Meet our production team | INTEGRA Biosciences

Get to know our production team: Hello everyone. I'm Ralf and I work in Production at INTEGRA and I'm going to take you on a tour of the department. Follow me! INTEGRA has two production sites, one in the USA and one here in Switzerland, in Zizers. Our work is to assemble laboratory equipment from A to Z, to test it and to make it ready for dispatch.

I am currently working on the 12-channel VIAFLO 300 Multichannel Pipette. What do you like about the work?

It is a very versatile job. Every day you always have different 
equipment, modern workplaces with a very nice view and a good working atmosphere. It's very informal, there is a very relaxed 
atmosphere between the staff and with the boss too. We support each other and are there for each other. I have never experienced this before in any other company in the way I have here.

Fitnete, what do you like best about INTEGRA?

That my work is varied. I work with 96- and 384-channel pipetting heads in Production. I find this very interesting. It's a secure job in a growing company, which is perfect for me. What is important for me are holidays, salary and fringe benefits, which are really great here.  

So, I hope you've got a good insight into our production department maybe we'll see each other soon. Goodbye everyone!


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