Watch our latest video to see how GRIPTIP pipette tips are the perfect fit

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Watch our latest video to see how GRIPTIP pipette tips are the perfect fit

Designed for the perfect fit

Our GRIPTIP pipette tips are flawlessly compatible with INTEGRA pipettes. We have decades of experience in developing laboratory solutions, and know from our close relationships with customers where innovation is required. Universal pipette tips are often susceptible to loosening or falling off, due to the memory effect of polypropylene that causes generic pipette tips to return to their original shape after loading onto a pipette. In comparison, GRIPTIPS take advantage of this memory effect. Manufactured from 100 % virgin polypropylene, GRIPTIPS have been designed to snap firmly onto the tri-lobe fitting of our INTEGRA pipettes, creating high lateral resistance as their shape reverts to remain firmly attached.

Aligned for accuracy

Alignment of tips is another key parameter when pipetting, to avoid air intake and minimize reagent waste. GRIPTIPS feature a rim that fits securely onto the lobes of the pipette shaft, ensuring that all tips are horizontally aligned. GRIPTIPS also undergo rigorous additional quality control procedures – such as a secondary straightness test – to guarantee perfect alignment and accurate targeting of wells for automatic pipetting with our benchtop platforms, even when dispensing into a 384 well plate.

Low effort, high performance

Our unique GRIPTIP pipette tips improve the user experience, requiring reduced loading pressure to allow comfortable loading and ejection with minimal physical effort. This means that users do not need to ‘hammer’ the pipette into the tip to obtain a snug fit during loading. The tips also provide positive sound and touch feedback when loaded correctly, so you can be confident that they are secure.

GRIPTIPS for every application

From the single channel EVOLVE manual pipette to the VIAFLO 384 electronic pipette, GRIPTIPS are compatible with all INTEGRA pipetting solutions. In addition, we understand that there isn’t one tip for every application, which is why we offer a range of options alongside our standard GRIPTIPS to match the needs of specific laboratory workflows.

GRIPTIPS are available in a wide range of volumes – from 0.5 microliters up to 5 milliliters – as well as standard, short and long formats. In addition, specialty tips are available for a variety of applications. Why not choose a wide bore option, with a larger aperture, to pipette viscous solutions or reduce shearing forces in cell culture applications? Or, if you regularly pipette non-aqueous or detergent solutions, our low retention tips could ensure optimal liquid recovery. Add in filtered and sterile options, and the combinations are almost endless.

Environmentally friendly packaging options

At INTEGRA, we aim to provide laboratories with innovative pipetting solutions while respecting the environment, offering eco-friendly tip storage and packaging options that reduce plastic waste. For handheld pipetting, our stackable ECO racks use 60 % less plastic than alternative racks, so you can now store your GRIPTIPS while maintaining a clear conscience. ECO racks can be paired with our reusable ECO base or POPTOP base for sturdier pipette tip loading, the latter being compatible with our GREEN CHOICE inserts to make your lab even more environmentally friendly.