WELLJET – Reagent Dispenser And Reagent Dispenser Stacker (video)

WELLJET – Reagent Dispenser And Reagent Dispenser Stacker

Designed for speeding up your daily routine of filling microplates or adding reagents to your assay. INTEGRA's brand new WELLJET Reagent Dispenser offers fast, precise and reliable dispensing of liquids with breakthrough dispense cassette technology, to minimize your running costs.

Available in two different models: the WELLJET Dispenser allows individual micro plates to be filled quickly, while the WELLJET Dispenser Stacker processes a stack of up to 50 plates hands-free in the shortest possible time. Both the WELLJET Dispenser and Dispenser Stacker have a very compact footprint, so they can be placed literally anywhere in the lab, including laminar and flow cabinets.
Any plate format from 6 to 1536 well plates can be handled on both units, depending on your application and sample throughput. Just choose your play type, and a vast number of applications can be supported by the system, from reagent edition to ELISA's and cell-based assays, to compound screening assays or simply use it to add buffer or medium to your plates. The gentle peristaltic pump-based technology, allows non-contact dispensing of liquids ranging from 0.5 microliters up to 10 milliliters. 

At INTEGRA, we focused on how to minimize the running costs of your reagent Dispenser while maintaining high precision dispensing. As a result, we have developed a new type of dispensing cassette, which gives you just that. The revolutionary easy snap dispensing cassette is the first of its kind to incorporate molded silicone tubings at the interface with the pump unit, eliminating the need to calibrate or recalibrate individual tubing channels and in turn guaranteeing customers low instrument running costs. 

Besides its low price tag, the easy snap dispensing cassette can be easily loaded and removed from the peristaltic pump unit. A robust anti-collision frame protects the high Precision plastic dispense nozzles from damage. Removing the frame even allows you to dispense inside a well. An integrated transmitter allows convenient tracking of dispense volumes, so the instrument will inform you when it is time to change the cassette to keep your dispenses accurate and reproducible. Easy snap cassettes are delivered sterile and are available in 8 - and 16-channel versions for even faster filling of 384-well plates. 

The large high-resolution user interface allows easy navigation through the menu. Dispense programs can be easily defined, and a plate Library guarantees, that your plates are well- organized and searchable. In addition, cleaning programs can be easily defined to keep your dispensing cassettes clean and optimized for use. With the integrated lid handling function of the dispenser stacker, plates with lids can now be processed faster and more reliably, than ever before. Optional restacking of plates with or without lids maintains the original order, eliminating any confusion.

To save valuable reagents, an optional tube holder is available for 15- milliliter and 50- milliliter tubes. Take your reagent dispensing applications to the next level and benefit from Compact and affordable instruments, low instrument running costs, easy handling, superior user interaction with the new and revolutionary WELLJET Dispenser and Dispenser Stacker. 


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