Trade in manual pipette

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Trade in your manual pipettes from any manufacturer and receive a minimum discount of 50 % on new EVOLVE manual pipettes.

Head back to the lab with brand new EVOLVE manual pipettes!

Trade in your manual pipettes from any manufacturer and receive a minimum discount of 50 % on new EVOLVE manual pipettes. Complete the form below and we will contact you with additional information. By completing the form, you are entered into our prize draw to win one of 40 Amazon gift cards worth $50 in your currency, and will join our community of researchers that are informed biweekly of our latest promotional offers, liquid handling tips and much more!

EVOLVE benefits at a glance:

  • Quick set dials: 
    Adjust volumes more than ten times faster than traditional pipettes using three adjustable dials.
  • Best in class pipette tips: 
    GripTips are always firmly attached, perfectly aligned and offer low attachment and ejection forces.
  • Wide product range: 
    EVOLVE pipettes are available for volumes from 0.2 to 5000 µl and in single, 8, 12 and 16 channel options.

This offer is valid until December 31, 2020.

Unfortunately, only Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the USA are participating in our trade-in program. However, you will still be entered to win an Amazon gift card for filling out this questionnaire.