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INTEGRA is a leading provider of high quality laboratory tools and consumables for liquid handling and media preparation. We are committed to fulfilling the needs of laboratory professionals in research, diagnostics and quality control within the life sciences industry.

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1 - 16 channel handheld pipettes


24, 96 and 384 channel handheld electronic pipettes


Pipetting robots












EVOLVE manual pipettes

VIAFLO electronic pipettes

VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette



MINI 96 channel portable electronic pipette


VIAFLO 96 electronic multichannel pipette

VIAFLO 384 electronic multichannel pipette


ASSIST pipetting robot

ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot

1 - 16 channel manual pipettes 1 - 16 channel electronic pipettes 4 - 12 channel adjustable tip spacing electronic pipettes   96 channel portable electronic pipettes 24 and 96 channel handheld electronic pipettes 24, 96, and 384 channel handheld electronic pipettes   Automating multichannel pipettes Pipetting robot for full workflow automation
Ideal for labs who are looking for lightweight manual or electronic pipettes with tips that never loosen, leak or fall off Ideal for labs who are working with different labware formats   Ideal for labs who want to greatly increase plate filling productivity
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  Ideal for labs who want to increase hands-free time by automating their workflows
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Manual pipettes

Set volumes in the blink of an eye instead of a twist of the wrist! Traditional pipettes use a single rotating plunger to set the volumes. This approach makes frequent adjustment of volumes tedious, especially when switching from lower to higher volumes. The EVOLVE manual pipette has been designed to overcome this pain point and offers three quick set dials.

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EVOLVE manual pipette featuring three dials for quickly setting volume.
EVOLVE manual pipette with quick set dials

Adjustable tip spacing pipettes

In the past, scientists were restricted to use single channel pipettes when transferring samples between labware of different formats. VOYAGER multichannel pipettes have been designed to address this problem specifically. It is the first and only automatic adjustable tip spacing pipette on the market. Using a VOYAGER, you can transfer multiple samples at once in the blink of an eye.

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VOYAGER pipette with adjustable tip spacing transferring samples from a 384 to a 96 well plate
VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette

24, 96 and 384 channel pipettes

Increase your pipetting throughput without breaking the bank. We offer versatile and productive 24, 96 and 384 channel instruments which can be adapted to your needs, offering unparalleled flexibility. Not sure which 24, 96 or 384 channel instrument is right for your lab? 

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MINI 96 channel electronic pipette in four different volume ranges
MINI 96 portable electronic pipette

Pipetting robots

Free yourself from routine pipetting! Our pipetting robots ASSIST and ASSIST PLUS have been designed to automate INTEGRA electronic multichannel pipettes. Simply click them in, choose a protocol and press RUN. Thanks to this simple concept and the intuitive software, our robots put automation within reach of virtually any lab as you neither need a high budget nor extensive programming skills.

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ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot with a VOYAGER electronic pipette
ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot

Broad liquid handling range

We have more to offer than pipettes and pipetting robots. Our range of liquid handling products also includes PIPETBOYs, reagent reservoirs, vacuum aspiration systems, peristaltic pumps, microplate dispensers and media preparation as well as flame sterilization solutions. 

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