Cell culture workflows using the VIAFLO 96/384 electronic pipette (video)

Cell culture workflows using the VIAFLO 96/384 electronic pipette

My name is Alex Figueiredo and I'm a PhD student at University of Zurich. I work with the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa specifically on the social evolution of this bacteria. So I ran a very large experiments, where I had this bacteria growing in several different media. And then I assessed, how this different media had an impact on the social behaviors of these species.

I first found out about VIAFLO via some colleagues, that were using it for high-throughput channel tipic screenings. And I realized, it would actually be very useful for my experiments as well. So with it I can perform very simple tasks, such as filling up plates with fresh media, that I will then inoculate with bacteria, to more complex things, such as diluting the bacteria before starting in at the round of my evolution experiments, to the actual transfer to the fresh media, where then the bacteria will grow.

But also it is very intuitive, so if I want to navigate through the different things, that it can do, this is also a very easy thing to do. But finally the two most important things, that it allows for a high rep reducibility. So the conditions, that I apply to my different samples, will always be the same.

But most importantly it saves me a lot of time. So step four my experimental evolution, that would take 8 or 10 hours to perform by hands, I can easily do it in 2 hours using the VIAFLO. So all in all, it is a very great addition to our lab.

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