Do you hammer on pipette tips? (video)

Do you hammer on pipette tips?

Universal tips require hammering on, which stretches the shape of the pipette tip rim. The stretched pipette tip rim immediately starts moving back to its original shape away from the tip cone. This can cause leaking, misaligned tips and even pipette tips, that completely fall off the pipette, which will negatively impact the results you achieve.

This will never happen with a VIAFLO electronic pipette grip tip combination. INTEGRA's unique multi lobe tip fitting ensures pipette tips snap into place, gripping the pipette you no longer have to hammer your pipette tips on, or worry about pipette tips falling off. A positive stop ensures, that every tip attaches the same way each and every time.

The rim of the grip tip snaps over the lobe of the tip fitting, securing the pipette tip. This guarantees, that all tips on a multi-channel pipette are at an identical length. This increasing the precision, when touching off. Grip tips feature a high lateral resistance once attached to VIAFLO pipettes, this means grip tips are always firmly attached, regardless of how many side while touch offs are performed.

A color screen and proven touch wheel interface offer quick and comprehensive menu navigation. Scrolling through menus, creating programs and performing tasks, is faster and easier than ever before. By simply running your thumb around the touch wheel, you can quickly select from a broad range of standard pipetting protocols or create custom programs. To make a selection, press the button in the center of the wheel.

Volumes can be quickly selected in either coarse or fine increments. Speeds can be instantly changed, and the pace of operation can be customized to suit a particular application or user. The pace setting allows users to perform multiple dispenses at a timed interval, with only one press of the run button.

In the toolbox you will find the pipetters display preferences, that allow you to personalize your startup screen with photographs or graphics. And to allow you to take full advantage of the color display. VIAFLO pipettes offer perfect balance an ultra lightweight design and unsurpassed operational comfort. A controlled mix can be performed with only one press of the run button. The effortless tip attachment and ejection forces add to the ergonomic benefits, that accompany the use of all VAIFLO pipettes.

The ultimate erconomic solution to multi-channel pipetting is not to hold the pipette, simply insert one of the ten available VIAFLO to pipettes into the VIAFLO ASSIST platform. Press the Run button and watch the VAIFLO ASSIST pipette for you. The VIAFLO ASSIST is ideal for serial dilutions and reagent additions. The VIAFLO ASSIST will also improve the reproducibility of your pipetting results, by eliminating human error. The ASSIST pipettes at the same height each and every time and also performs either an in well or side well touch off. The VIAFLO ASSIST will both improve your pipetting results and eliminate pipetting related repetitive stress injuries.


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