MINI 96 parital tip loading two position stage

Cleaning the MINI 96 Two position stage

Learn how to clean your MINI 96 Two position stage.

How to clean the MINI 96 Two position stage

The materials used on the exterior of the MINI 96 support regular cleaning intervals. Clean the external components and stages with a lint-free cloth lightly soaked with mild soap solution in distilled water or with a 70 % dilution of Isopropyl or Ethanol. Never use acetone or other solvents. 

The Two position stage can also be cleaned the same way as the MINI 96. However, for a more thorough cleaning or autoclaving, disassemble according to the instructions below:

  • Unscrew the spring adjustment screw (a) all the way to the upper limit.
  • Place the Two position stage on a table with the bottom side up and remove the two screws and washers (b) with a Torx 10 screwdriver.
  • Hold the position sheet (c) and the guide sheet (d) together and remove them from the nest (e).
  • Remove the position sheet (c) from the guide sheet (d). All the internal parts are now accessible for cleaning.

Place the disassembled components inside an autoclave pouch. You may autoclave the components at 121°C, 1 bar overpressure for 20 minutes. Reassemble by following these instructions in reverse. If any small parts get lost, a spare parts bag is available, see “8 Accessories and consumables” on page 52 of the Operating Instruction.


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Cleaning Two Position Stage
Cleaning the MINI 96 Two position stage