ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot wins SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Award

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ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot wins SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Award

Simplify your liquid handling tasks

Developed specifically to meet the demand for ever-faster throughput and diminishing sample volumes, the compact ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot can be combined with any INTEGRA electronic multichannel pipette to provide reproducible and error-free processing, while eliminating repetitive manual pipetting tasks. Whether you are reformatting samples, performing serial dilutions, or setting up assay plates, automating pipetting processes ensures constant pipetting angles, consistent tip immersion depths and accurate well targeting. Inter-operator variability and human errors – such as skipping rows or air aspiration – are eliminated, leading to enhanced process control, increased workflow consistency and better pipetting results.

Marc Hamel with the Scientists' Choice Award

The ASSIST PLUS offers exceptional flexibility at an affordable price, without the need for dedicated personnel or complex programming. Routine pipetting tasks can be programmed directly on the pipette using the intuitive touch wheel interface, or using our VIALAB software, allowing you to create protocols with a few clicks, without extensive programming knowledge. And its unique design means that it will never become obsolete – simply swap in a different INTEGRA pipette to access new applications – and you can still use the same pipettes for manual pipetting.

Screen with VIALAB pipette software openend, scientist working with the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot in the background

Juerg Bass, Marketing Communications Director at INTEGRA, commented: “We are delighted to have won this award, which is chosen directly by the laboratory professionals that our products are designed for. We would like to thank everyone that voted for the ASSIST PLUS. The pipetting robot is redefining the way people see laboratory automation, and we continually strive to develop new products, features and solutions that will transform pipetting tasks across a diverse range of applications.”