VOYAGER pipette with adjustable tip spacing used for screening applications and genotyping (video)

VOYAGER pipette with adjustable tip spacing used for screening applications and genotyping

Hi, my name is Christina Thomas and we're here at the Clinic right of the Isar in Munich. Our research focuses on interleukin 1, and the inflammasome, and their role in innate immunity and inflammation. We often screen small compound libraries, which consist of 40 to 50 96-well plates. This involves transferring compounds from micro centrifuge tubes to the plates and then back to tubes.

We also run genotyping reactions on different biological samples. This involves around 500 reactions per week, and until now we've been using a single channel pipette for this task, but because of the large number of samples this is a tedious and long process, and is also very prone to errors. By pipetting robot was a bit too expensive for our workload, but we found that the VOAYGER pipettes from INTEGRA have been a really big help. So they've allowed us, to speed up our experiments and get to our results more quickly.

So with this pipette you can change the tip spacing to any distance, that you need for your experiment. This means, that we can now go from tubes directly into the plates. Compared to the single channel pipette, we used before, this saves a lot of time and allows me, to plan bigger experiments.

The VOYAGER pipette allowed us to speed up our genotyping assays. We use it, to transfer the template and the master makes from tubes, to the plate and then to load the finished PCR reactions on to the gel. No matter what gel pocket distance we use, the VOYAGER can handle it. 

We also enjoy the ease of use of this touch wheel interface. The screen shows all of the important information without abbreviations and setting the volume is extremely fast compared to other pipettes. The VOYAGER pipette has allowing us, to manage a lot bigger experiments, we were previously able to. So now we can screen up to 40 plates in the single experiment. And in addition our genotyping workload of around 500 reactions per week, has become a lot easier to deal with. The VOYAGER pipette has quickly become one of the most indispensable tools in our lab.

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