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INTEGRA supports our customers with a highly trained direct sales team, knowledgable cutomer service department and a world class technical service group.  Whether customers want to try an instrument prior to purchasing, decide to order pipetting solutions for their lab our require after sales support; the INTEGTRA Customer Support team is always available to assist.

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All in-field employees receive extensive training of the entire INTEGRA liquid handling family of products.  In-field sales representatives and technical service representatives are given the freedom to manage their time effectively to ensure customers within a given territory receive the best possible attention and support.  This is the ideal role for self-motivated, hardworking individuals looking to build meaningful customer relationships and have a positive impact within the life sciences community.

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INTEGRA has provided me with many opportunities I feel I never would have experienced elsewhere. My path within the company has revolved around growing the very things that I am best at. Never have I worked for an organization that has embraced my strengths in this manner and never have I felt more "in my element" than I do at INTEGRA.

Supervisor, US Technical Support Sean Weiskopf

I enjoy working at INTEGRA for the wonderful people I've met, not only here in the U.S., but also from our other facilities around the world!

Customer Support Representative Keith Demanche

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