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ASSIST VIAFLO 96 well plate

Comparing INTEGRA's Pipetting Robots

INTEGRA has developed a family of two compact and easy to use pipetting robots, which are compatible with our Multichannel Electronic Pipettes and therefore free you from repetitive pipetting routines. Basic pipetting protocols can be set up directly on the pipette, whereas tasks that are more elaborate are easily created using the dedicated software.


Pipetting Robots




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Automating Multichannel Pipettes Pipetting Robot For Full Workflow Automation
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Pipette Compatibility

VIAFLO Electronic Multichannel Pipettes*
VOYAGER Adjustable Tip-Spacing Pipettes* no
Smart pipette adapter compatibility only with VIAFLO VIAFLO & VOYAGER

Channels & Volumes

Channels offered 8 - 16 4 - 16
Volume range (µL) 0.5 - 12.5
2 - 50
5 - 125
10 - 300
50 - 1250
0.5 - 12.5
2 - 50
5 - 125
10 - 300
50 - 1250


Well plates 12 - 384 12 - 384
Tubes PCR strip tubes
(0.2 ml)
Click here to see all compatible tubes
Reservoirs INTEGRA Multichannel Reservoirs
(10 ml / 25 ml / 100 ml)
INTEGRA Multichannel Reservoirs
(10 ml / 25 ml / 100 ml)
INTEGRA Automation-friendly Reservoirs
(150 ml / 300 ml)


Serial dilution
Plate filling
Reagent additions
Plate reformating no
Plate duplications no
Tube-to-plate transfer no


Dimensions (W x D x H) 40 cm x 36 cm x 34 cm (16" x 14" x 13") 51 cm x 38 cm x 75 cm (20" x 15" x 30")
Weight 10 kg (22lbs) 25 kg (55lbs)
Use in laminar flow cabinet

Other Features

Deck Layout 1 Reservoir
PCR tubes
1 Microplate
3 Position Universal Deck:
1 tip rack
3 microplates, tube racks, reservoirs in portrait or landscape
1 tip waste bin
4 Position Portrait Deck:
1 tip rack
4 microplates, tube racks, reservoirs in portrait
1 tip waste bin
Pipetting protocol set-up VIALINK VIALINK & VIALAB
Tip loading/ejection Manual Automatic

What instrument is right for me?

  Ideal for application where one plate is processed without frequent tip changes while you benefit from improved reproducibility and ergonomics e.g. plate filling or serial dilutions. Labs who are looking for automation in order to increase hands-free time. With automatic tip exchange and up to 5 deck positions the ASSIST PLUS allows for a highly flexible assay setup. The automation of the VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettte enables plate reformatting and also tube-to plate transfers.

More information

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*All our VIAFLO and VOYAGER electronice pipettes can also be used manually