Festive donations making a difference

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Festive donations making a difference

This year, for our festive donation, we have chosen to support Smiling Gecko, an NGO that is engaged in a number of development and aid projects in Cambodia. The charity is dedicated to helping tens of thousands of children and their families that are living in poverty, by providing direct aid in the form of finance and other support, and sponsoring projects that are sustainable. We are thrilled to be able to gift 10,000 CHF to the charity to back its mission to fight poverty, improve education and vocational training, and benefit the community as a whole.

Kids playing on the schoolyard of the Village School Project of the NGO Smiling Gecko in Cambodia

We are also delighted to have awarded the last donation of 15,000 € from the PIPETGIRL campaign to the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT), in Heidelberg, Germany. Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer facing women worldwide. To help fight this disease, INTEGRA launched PIPETGIRL – a limited edition of the PIPETBOY acu 2 pipette controller – in 2015 to support internationally renowned research institutes dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer. 10 € / US$15 from each PIPETGIRL sale was donated to the campaign, which has benefitted a number of research institutes over the years. Prof. Dr. Andreas Schneeweiss, head of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at the NCT Heidelberg, commented: “This donation will support two innovative programs – CATCH and COGNITION – with the ultimate goal of implementing personalized therapy for breast cancer.”


INTEGRA personnel delivering a 15,000 € cheque to the National Center for Tumor Diseases to support breast cancer research
Copyright NCT Heidelberg / Jutta Jung

Juerg Bass, Marketing Communications Director at INTEGRA, added: “It’s great to be able to give back and help others, and I’m looking forward to seeing how our donation will contribute to projects through Smiling Gecko. As for the PIPETGIRL campaign, we’re so pleased to have had this initiative running for four years. Since its humble beginning in 2015, we’ve been able to pledge over $35,000 to support cancer research institutes globally and advance research to fight breast cancer – we are excited to see how this latest donation will help to fund these groundbreaking programs.”

PIPETGIRL pipette controller