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We are a fast-growing company offering interesting entry level and career development opportunities for people wishing to make a change. We support flat hierarchies and short decision paths, with a strong emphasis on job security, a familiar environment, team spirit and having fun at work. Who are we seeking? Creative people with a strong sense of initiative who can think outside of the box.

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Six core values have been at the heart of INTEGRA Biosciences since 1965, and are still an active part of our daily corporate culture. They are the key to our innovative strength and our team’s contentment.

  • Passion

    Passion includes determination, working towards common goals, and a personal commitment.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

    Entrepreneurial spirit means active awareness and contributing new ideas. We are hungry for innovation, and seek to develop something new and better for all of our customers.

  • Team spirit

    Team spirit plays a key role for us, both internally and externally. We embrace collaboration with all of our partners – from local communities to international suppliers.

  • Excellence

    Excellence is the prerequisite that allows us to develop great products. We continually push to maintain and improve our high quality.

  • Inspiration

    As individuals, we evolve in an inspiring working environment that is conducive to new ideas, helping us to generate creative and smart innovations for our customers.

  • Integrity

    Integrity means being open and honest with each other and the environment, as well as taking responsibility.

I have felt completely at home since my first day at INTEGRA. I am really enthusiastic about developing the laboratory equipment of tomorrow, which accelerates science around the world. This brings new and exciting challenges every day, which we continue to master successfully thanks to friendly cooperation.

Group Product Manager Stephanie Stursberg

I love working at INTEGRA, because I get the best technical environment. Furthermore, all departments work closely together, in a totally uncomplicated way.

Team Lead SW Andreas Ambrusch

I enjoy planning and implementing marketing projects for the whole world in a young, dynamic team. I also find the scientific environment very exciting.

Content Manager Anina Werner

INTEGRA is like a big family business. We have close collaboration between all departments, and I can take on a wide range of tasks as desired.

Production Employee Merna Kabara

At INTEGRA, I feel valued and appreciated for my work. I can always present and come up with new ideas, and suggestions are welcome and implemented, which motivates me more and more each day.

IT Systems Technician Florian Gantner

I love coming to work every day, because it gives me the opportunity to actively shape change. That, and the street food trucks at lunchtime.

Electronic HW Engineer Linard Frey

It's fun developing products that make lab work easier together with my nice and helpful colleagues. I also love the mountain panorama on my way to work.

Product Manager Jan-Peter Baldin

I love my job with INTEGRA for so many reasons- our awesome customers who I love working with, our innovative products- there are always new ones to show, and the best colleagues ever!

Regional Sales Manager Courtney Russo

The ‘tinkering’ aspect is what I love best. I enjoy developing new products and solving technical problems, as well as the teamwork and working conditions.

Mechanical Design Engineer Remo Steffen

I feel very at home in our relaxed and family-like atmosphere. Every day I learn something new. I particularly enjoy the varied activities and personal responsibility.

Marketing Assistant Clarissa Cavaliere

I feel at home at INTEGRA. It’s not just about knowing that you have a secure job, but also the manner in which people work together here. This makes my work even more enjoyable!

Production Employee Samir Filipovic

I enjoy the variety in my job, with new and exciting challenges every day. In addition, there is an incredible team spirit and informal culture.

IT System Engineer Fabio Gianfreda

I really value the mindset and cooperation within the team. The creative freedom and the fact that we do our marketing for the whole world from little Zizers is particularly cool.

Web Specialist Sandi Elezovic

I love working at INTEGRA because the company fosters a strong culture of innovation and is committed to creating high quality products that solve genuine customer problems. INTEGRA promotes a collaborative working environment in a growing international team, places value on diversity and integration, and offers a wealth of opportunity for professional development.

Product Manager Gerald Posch

INTEGRA has provided me with many opportunities I feel I never would have experienced elsewhere. My path within the company has revolved around growing the very things that I am best at. Never have I worked for an organization that has embraced my strengths in this manner and never have I felt more "in my element" than I do at INTEGRA.

Supervisor, US Technical Support Sean Weiskopf

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