Aspiration Systems

Scientist using VACUBOY vacuum hand operator and VACUSAFE vacuum system to aspirate red liquid from T-Flask

Comparing INTEGRAs Vacuum Aspiration Systems

Life Science laboratories are daily confronted with biological liquid waste generation. Common applications include the removal of media from cell cultures, of supernatants after centrifugation and of wash solutions from immuno-assay well-plates. Vacuum systems are then widely used for liquid aspiration, collection and subsequent disposal.


Vacuum Aspiration Systems




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Safe Aspiration System Portable Aspiration System
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Channels 1 - 8 1 - 8
Bottle size polypropylene, 4 L / safety coated glass, 2 L glass, 0.5 L
Vacuum range -300 to -600 mbar (adjustable) -250 ± 20 % (fixed)
Aspiration rate 15 ml/s 2.3 ml/s
Volumes for aspiration 2 ml - 500 ml up to 10 ml
Typical labware T-Flasks, Falcontubes, Petridishes, Multiwell Culture Plates, etc. Microcentrifuge tubes, Microplates, small Falcon tubes, small Petridishes, etc.
Level detection / stops aspiration before overfilling

Hand operator / Aspiration tool

  VACUBOY, for improved ergonimic liquid handling, availbe with a selection of single- and multichannel adapters Unique hand operator, with a selection of single and multichannel adapters


  Aspiration of cell culture media
Pathogen Tests
Aspiration of supernatants after centrifugation steps (e.g. DNA/RNA extractions)
OD Measurements
Removal of washing solutions from Western Blots

Other features

Portability Mainly stationairy underneath a laminar flow cabinat Mobile
Battery operated no
(works with power supply)

Use in laminar flow cabinet

What instrument is right for me?

  Ideal for labs, looking for a safe and user-friendly way to aspirate, collect and contain liquid waste. The VACUSAFE redcuest tedious handling or the risk of contamination. Labs who look for much safer and user-friendly alternative to aspirate small volumes of liquid waste. It is useful in all areas, where only minimal space is avaialbe and a compact, portable device required.

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