Still hammering tips instead of nailing your science?

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This article was originally published on 16. September 2019 and has been updated.

Still hammering tips instead of nailing your science?

Cartoon of a scientist having problems with falling off universal pipette tips

The problems and misery that universal pipette tips have caused Tina – the star of our comic strip – are all too familiar to scientists working at the bench, which is why we developed GRIPTIPS® pipette tips.

One size doesn’t fit all

Universal pipette tips are designed to fit pipettes from multiple manufacturers. These pipettes feature cone shaped fittings, requiring users to hammer on the tips to stretch over the cones. This results in a suboptimal fit, and leads to the tips to slowly sliding off the cones as the plastic reverts to its original shape. Before you know it, your tips are loose, leaking or, worse still, falling off, ruining your results and your day. We’ve all been there, so we decided to come up with a better solution – GRIPTIPS.

Cartoon of a scientist working with GripTip pipette tips and winning the nobel prize

The perfect connection

GRIPTIPS are designed to offer a perfect fit on INTEGRA pipettes. They effortlessly snap onto the tip fittings, with a shoulder to provide a positive stop and prevent over-tightening, offering low attachment and ejection forces. This ensures that all tips are at the same height, guaranteeing the perfect alignment and seal, even when performing side well touch offs – so you can stop worrying about loose, leaking or falling off tips and focus on your science!

Tips for every application

GRIPTIPS span a wide volume range – from 0.5 to 5,000 µl – and are available in sterile, non-sterile and filtered options. The range also includes a number of specialty GRIPTIPS, such as low retention tips for recovering viscous solutions, wide bore tips for cellular applications, short tips for improved ergonomics and targeting of small wells, and extra long tips for improved access to tubes. 

Which tips are for me?

Not sure which tips fit your INTEGRA pipette? Try our GRIPTIPS Selector Guide!