Meet our engineering team | INTEGRA Biosciences (video)

Meet our engineering team | INTEGRA Biosciences

Get to know our engineering: Hello everyone. I'm Urs. I work in Engineering at INTEGRA. Today I'm taking you on a tour of our department to show you what it is like to work here. Follow me! We are right in the middle of Engineering here, where new products are created from many ideas. 

What are you doing today? 

I am currently in the process of compiling the ideas from the last Sandbox Committee meeting and subsequently incorporating them into 
the new electronics concept. The Sandbox Committee, what is that exactly? It is a panel consisting of representatives from Marketing, Sales and Engineering. In the Sandbox meetings, different perspectives and a lot of experience come together. This is then the basic requirement for the development of new product ideas and product improvements, as well as enhancements. The Sandbox meetings can be seen as a starting point for the development of functional models 
and prototypes. Like this, for example. And we will look at how such 
prototypes are made next.

Hey Amel,– hi Urs! What is special about INTEGRA for you? 

You get a lot of responsibility and also freedom. 
As an individual, you can accomplish a lot here and make a difference. You can order material, we have 3D printers, a CNC milling machine. This way we can evaluate, observe and process things more quickly. You don't always have to wait for the others, you can really pull the strings on your own and just do it. As an engineer, you can really have a ball at INTEGRA.

What do you like best about INTEGRA?

I really like the work. It is always exciting and challenging. The teamwork is really good. The regular dialogue with the other departments and management shows that everyone here is working on projects with great enthusiasm. I also like the fact that everyone supports and helps each other. So that we ultimately achieve our goals. So that was it. I hope you've got a good overview of our innovation team and, who knows, maybe we'll see each other soon.


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