Why Neuropore Therapies uses INTEGRA pipettes to accelerate drug discovery research

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Why Neuropore Therapies uses INTEGRA pipettes to accelerate drug discovery research

Neuropore Therapies has been a long-term supporter of INTEGRA, starting with the first generation of VIAFLO electronic pipettes, VOYAGER adjustable tip-spacing pipettes, and EVOLVE manual pipettes, and continuing through successive product generations. “We have been using INTEGRA pipettes in our R&D activities for a number of years,” commented a scientist at the company. “We initially started with just the VIAFLO electronic multichannel pipettes. As our biochemical and cell-based assay capabilities expanded, we needed a versatile solution that would allow us to reformat among the different volume and plate requirements of each workflow.”

A range of INTEGRA manual and electronic pipettes resting on the linear stand.

Easy sample reformatting

VOYAGER pipettes allow the tip spacing to automatically adjust between 4.5 and 33 mm (depending on configuration) at the push of a button, making them perfect for sample reformatting between different labware. “Our cell cultures are grown in 24, 48 or 96 well plates to ensure that we generate enough material to perform biochemical assays, but we then assess the cells in a 384 well format. We therefore needed a system that would allow us to quickly and easily reformat samples from their culture environment to the assay plate. The automatically adjustable tip spacing offered by the VOYAGER electronic pipette was ideal. We initially had only one VOYAGER from each volume range, but quickly purchased more; now we have several of each size and configuration, shared between the two departments.”

Smaller is better

Like many drug discovery laboratories around the world, Neuropore is interested in assay miniaturization as a way of increasing throughput and reducing the cost of experiments. “Scaling down assays allows you to test more parameters per experiment. This saves time, space and consumables, helping to reduce the overall cost per test. Increasing our throughput and expanding our high content screening activities, without sacrificing data quality, required the ability to quickly and accurately pipette multiple low volume samples into 384 well plates. Our VIAFLO and VOYAGER electronic multichannel pipettes provide the necessary precision, while reducing errors associated with large numbers of individual samples, giving us complete confidence in our results.”

Simplifying day-to-day activities

The GripTip pipette tip system used for all INTEGRA pipettes ensures that tips are always firmly attached, never leak, and are perfectly aligned, while still being easy to pick up and eject. “We have also recently purchased a number of EVOLVE manual pipettes, as having one set of tips at the bench to satisfy all our pipetting needs makes life easier. The ergonomics of the three dial system on the EVOLVE makes it much faster to adjust between high and low volumes, which has sped up a lot of our single channel pipetting activities. It’s a win-win situation.”

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  • Tom Bentivegna

    Product Manager