GRIPTIPS – Pipette Tips for Handheld and Benchtop Pipetting Systems (video)

GRIPTIPS® – Pipette Tips for Handheld and Benchtop Pipetting Systems

Pipette tips are the interface between you and your most valuable experiments. Most people don't spend any time, thinking about their pipette tips, but really in the lab, that's where the rubber hits the road. And this is why our American and Swiss engineers developed the unique GRIPTIPS®.

Our commitment to you is, that all our GRIPTIPS® are manufactured in the USA and Switzerland. In our factories using the finest raw materials and quality manufacturing skills. Our GRIPTIPS® are designed, to work with all INTEGRA pipetting solutions. From a single Channel EVOLVE manual pipette all the way up to our VIAFLO 384 benchtop pipette. All pipette tips are made from polypropylene. Polypropylene has a memory effect and wants to move back to its original shape. This is why most tips eventually loosen, leak or fall off. As a result users must hammer their tips into the pipette, just to ensure, they are secure, to avoid these issues. Our GRIPTIPS® don't only ensure, that your tips stay in place, but also offer a handful of other advantages.

We design GRIPTIPS® to slip onto the pipette with minimal force, instead of hammering. A technician can pick up the tip with 0.5 kilograms of force, that's less than picking up a large cup of coffee. That 0.5 kilograms sounds trivial, until it is multiplied by the hammering effect. As a result the tip ejection force is also multiplied. There is no such multiplication of force with GRIPTIPS®, they are easy to load and eject hence contributing significantly to the reduction of repetitive strain injury. GRIPTIPS® perform exactly as its name states: they snap on gently and the tips stay in place, ensuring that tips never loosen, leak or fall off.

The user experiences the touch and sound feedback, that the tips have registered with the pipette. Once the GRIPTIPS® have registered, the tips have reached their defined Z - height, meaning all your tips are aligned perfectly. This avoids pipetting air and wasting reagents in your wells. This also ensures a consistent touch off of all tips, which is especially critical, when using a VIAFLO 384 pipetting head. INTEGRA offers access to the largest variety of pipette tips from filtered, sterile, low retention, wide bore and more. We've got them all, from 0.5 microliters all the way up to five milliliter tips.

Check out the GRIPTIP® finder tool on our website certainly one of our more than 200 pipette tip variations has got your application covered. INTEGRA recently introduced the green choice and Eco rack packaging option for manual and automated multi-channel pipettes, reducing plastic waste by more than 60 percent. And now you understand the benefits you can experience with INTEGRA GRIPTIPS® the mindful scientist's choice. Thanks for watching and don't forget to visit our website at INTEGRA dash


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