PIPETBOY acu 2 Pipette Controller

PIPETBOY acu 2 The Most Popular Pipette Controller

The Most Popular Pipette Controller

Product story

Lighter, faster - the most popular serological pipettor

With over four decades of liquid handling experience and hundreds of thousands of instruments in use worldwide, INTEGRA pipette controllers have become the reference for precise and efficient serological pipetting. Our customers praise the PIPETBOY acu 2 pipette controller for its unmatched speed, pipetting control and ergonomics.

How it Works

How it works

The second generation of PIPETBOY acu pipet aid is equipped with the latest technology providing an increased pipetting speed and a significant weight reduction of the instrument.

  • Overview

    Functions of Pipetboy acu 2 Pipette Controller

    1) Autoclavable sterile module, easy to replace filter
    2) LED provides information about charging status
    3) Continuous preset of speed via thumb wheel
    4) Sensitive control by applying various finger pressure
    5) Lightweight and well-balanced

  • Lighter

    PIPETBOY acu 2 Pipette Controller red

    PIPETBOY acu 2 has been designed following the ergonomic shape recommendations to sit comfortably in all hands and allow your fingers to keep a natural position all along your pipetting activities.

    With only 195 grams and an optimized weight balance, PIPETBOY acu 2 offers you enhanced ergonomics making even prolonged pipetting stress- and fatigue-free.

  • Faster with Unmatched Pipetting Control

    PIPETBOY pro unmatched pipetting control

    PIPETBOY acu 2 is fitted with a unique motor design providing a wide range of pipetting speed and a unique valve and dosing system offering an unmatched control of the liquid, from drop by drop dispense to fast liquid displacement.

    When working with large volume pipettes, the new Turbo Mode provides the unit with 20 % extra pipetting speed. Simply connect the mains adapter to the instrument to make it the fastest pipette controller on the market.

  • Longer Operating Time

    PIPETBOY acu 2 Pipette Controller with LED battery indicator

    PIPETBOY acu 2 pipette controller is equipped with the latest Lithium-Ion technology, which provides an extended cordless working time of over 6.5 hours non-stop pipetting with a fast charging time of only 3.5 hours without memory effect.

    The LED battery indicator clearly informs you about the charging status of the instrument by simply switching between red and green.

  • Quality You Can Rely on

    PIPETBOY 3 year warranty symbol

    PIPETBOY pipette controllers are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and therefore offered with an extended 3 YEAR WARRANTY UPON REGISTRATION.

Customer Voices

Customer Voices



    "Very amazing!"

    Thomas Bessede

    INSERM U1194


    Best Pipet I have ever used

    "This see-thru pipet is very light and smooth. While most pipets make noise, it does not. It supports gravity blowout and shows LED indicator while charging. Every lab should own this for the best experience of pipetting. "


    University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy


    Great pipettor

    "We had other brands before but we had to swap to the Integra Pipette Boy as we were not getting the correct level of control of the flow as we wanted. "

    Francoise Koumanov

    University of Bath

See it Work

See it work

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Tech Info

Tech info

Find here a quick overview of the product specifications. More detailed information can be found in the download-section below.

Maximum pipetting speed
13.5 ml/s (with a 50 ml pipette)
Gravity dispense
Slight pressure on dispense button
Pipette compatibility
Glass and plastic pipettes with volume from 1 to 100 ml
Filter protection
0.45 µm (included) or 0.2 µm (order separately)
195 g
Operating conditions
5 – 40 °C, max. 80 % RH
Power requirements
Input: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; Output: 17 VDC ±10 %/180 mA ±10 %
Rechargeable battery
Li-ion, min. 500 mAh
Downloads & More Parts and Numbers

Parts and numbers



Pipette controller complete with battery Li-Ion, mains adapter, spare sterile filter 0.45 µm and wall mount.
A free Swiss pocket tool is included with each PIPETBOY acu 2.

Theme Part No.
Classic 155 000
Green 155 015
Red 155 016
Blue 155 017
Transparent 155 018
Purple 155 019
Agave  155 022
Ocean Dream 155 023
Pink Sunrise 155 024
PIPETBOY acu 2 - pink sunrise, red, agave, green, ocean dream, blue, purple, transparent, classic

Stand, Wall Mount and Mains Adapter

Description Part No.
Stand for PIPETBOY and VACUBOY 155 065
Wall mount for holding PIPETBOY acu 2 on the wall 155 521
Mains adapter (100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) EU version 153 210
Mains adapter (100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) US version 153 211
Mains adapter (100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) UK version 153 214
Mains adapter (100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) AU version 153 216

and spare parts

PIPETBOY acu 2 consumables
PIPETBOY acu 2 consumables

O-ring (2)

Description Part No.
O-ring 153 235


Sterile nosepiece module hosing (3)

Theme Part No.
Turquoise, incl. O-ring, for PIPETBOY acu 2 classic and transparent 155 230
Classic, incl. O-ring, for PIPETBOY acu 2 green, red, blue and purple 155 060


Filter rubber (4)

Description Part No.
Silicone, for holding the filter in the sterile module 153 225

Filter (5)

Volume Description Part No.
0.45 µm Sterile 153 015
0.45 µm Unsterile 153 016
0.2 µm Sterile 156 608
0.2 µm Unsterile 156 607

Pipette mount (6)

Description Part No.
Silicone, for holding the pipette in the sterile module 151 020


Sterile nosepiece module complete (7)

Description Part No.
Turquoise, complete for PIPETBOY acu 2 classic and transparent  155 025
Classic, complete for PIPETGIRL and PIPETBOY acu 2 green, red, blue, purple, Agave, Ocean Dream and Pink Sunrise 155 070

Battery compartment lid

Theme Part No.
Classic 155 203
Green 155 160
Red 155 161
Blue 155 162
Transparent 155 163
Purple 155 164
Pink (PIPETGIRL) / Pink Sunrise 155 166
Agave 155 167
Ocean Dream 155 168

for PIPETBOY acu 2 and PIPETBOY acu 

Battery for PIPETBOY acu 2

Description Part No.
Battery Li-ion, for PIPETBOY acu 2
(instruments with serial number from ≥1350001)
155 066

Battery for PIPETBOY acu

Description Part No.
9 V NiMH battery, for PIPETBOY acu
(instruments with serial number below ≤1350000)
153 005

WARNING: Batteries are not compatible!
Distinctive features between the two PIPETBOY acu generations:

PIPETBOY acu 2 Serial number ≥1350001
LED battery indicator:
Inactive/unpowered: White
In Operation: Red/green
PIPETBOY acu Serial number ≤1350000
LED battery indicator:
Red In Operation: Red only
PIPETBOY acu 2 serial number
PIPETBOY acu 2 serial number