How to speed up your 384 well pipetting while increasing productivity

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How to speed up your 384 well pipetting while increasing productivity

So what can INTEGRA do for me?

Starting with the simplest, the recently launched 16 channel EVOLVE manual pipette provides a low cost option for simultaneous pipetting of an entire column of wells. Available in three volume ranges – 1-10, 5-50 and 10-100 μl – even this humble handheld pipette can halve the time it takes to set up your plate compared to standard multichannel pipettes!

I need a bit more speed and functionality from my handheld pipette.

No problem. The popular VIAFLO electronic multichannel pipette is also available in a 16 channel format, offering advanced pipetting functions at the touch of a button. This lightweight, easy to use option offers 10 preset pipetting programs to perform functions such as repeat dispensing, variable volume dispensing and automatic sample dilution, helping to really accelerate and simplify set-up of your assay plates.

But what if my samples are already in a different format?

That’s OK. You can use the automated variable tip spacing of the 8 or 12 channel VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing electronic pipette to quickly and easily reformat your samples at the press of a button.

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I need to increase my productivity.

With the ASSIST and ASSIST PLUS pipetting robots, we can free up hands-on time for you to focus on your science while your plate is being pipetted. These compact, benchtop automation options offer walk-away processing using your existing VIAFLO/VOYAGER electronic pipettes, offering increased reproducibility and eliminating human error.

And if your workflow requires bulk filling of plates with reagents or buffers, then the 16 channel cassette option for the WELLJET reagent dispenser could be just the tool you’re looking for.

And if I need to fill 384 wells simultaneously or want to really increase my throughput?

The VIAFLO 384 channel electronic pipette allows you to pipette all 384 wells at once. It’s small, versatile and easy to use, simplifying tasks such as filling plates from reservoirs, plate-to-plate transfers or in-plate dilutions. It can be hand operated, or semi-automated to further improve productivity.

So what am I waiting for?

We don’t know! Visit our product pages to explore our full range of 384 well pipetting solutions, or ask for a demo in your lab today.

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