Loading tips on single and multichannel pipettes (video)

Loading tips on single and multichannel pipettes

INTEGRA pipettes and GripTips form the perfect system between pipette Tip and pipette. This tips require very little forced to load and they don't need hammering on. Once attached, this tips are guaranteed to never leak, lose in or fall off. Whats more, on the multichannel pipette, there also guaranteed to load perfectly
straight on all the channels.

Lets start with a single channel pipette. Simply place the pipette over a tip and gently push down. You hear and feel a click, indicating that the grip tip is perfectly loaded. But what about multichannel pipettes? Orient the pipette
to the tips and gently apply some force straight down. Slowly rock the pipette, from front to back, to ensure the proper seal is achieved.

What's great, is that with INTEGRA multichannel pipettes and GripTips, all tips will always be loaded at the exact same height. And that's all there is to do in. Once your tips are successfully loaded, you're regularly beginn pipetting.

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