Free Automation Friendly Reagent Reservoirs

Automation friendly reservoirs especially designed for 96 and 385 channel pipettes

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Clear polystyrene reservoirs nest into a reusable base. Integrated volume graduations result in more accurate measurements and less wasted reagent.  Dual viewing windows allow users to safely position tips at the bottom of the reservoir.

The flat bottom reservoir features a 96/384 anti-sealing pattern preventing tip seal off, subsequently eliminating the “popping” of liquid up into the tips, filters or even the instrument.

Latching lid with an integrated gasket prevents spillage during transport and evaporation during short term storage.

The flat bottom design, 96/384 anti-sealing feature and surface treatment allow for the lowest possible dead volume on the market!

Multichannel Reagent Reservoir Trial Pack (sterile)
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Divided Reagent Reservoir Trial Pack (sterile), SureFlo™ anti-sealing array
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Automation Friendly Reagent Reservoir Trial Pack (sterile), SureFlo™ anti-sealing array
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