Efficient and reproducible magnetic bead DNA purification

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Efficient and reproducible magnetic bead DNA purification

What is magnetic bead DNA purification?

Magnetic bead-based purification uses paramagnetic beads with functionalized silica surfaces to selectively bind DNA. The bound DNA can then be easily separated from the aqueous phase with a magnet. 

Magnetic bead-based methods eliminate the need for centrifugation or other time-consuming steps, making they are ideal for automation of high throughput processes. Magnetic beads can be used to purify various types of nucleic acids, including genomic DNA, plasmids, RNA and mitochondrial DNA, as well as proteins and other biomolecules.

Get the most out of your magnetic beads

Magnetic beads are an efficient way to clean up DNA samples, but most protocols involve many wash and transfer steps, which can be tedious and time consuming to carry out manually, with numerous aspiration and dispense cycles. This repetitive binding, washing and elution process can take its toll on the user, potentially resulting in pipetting errors.

With the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot and the VIAFLO 96/384 handheld electronic pipette, we help you to perform multistep protocols quickly, efficiently and reproducibly. No special training is required – all you need is an ANSI/SLAS format magnetic plate compatible with your purification plate.

Optimization of pipetting settings – such as aspiration speed, volume and tip immersion depth – helps you to maximize transfer volumes without bead carryover, and avoids the risk of disturbing the magnetic bead pellet. This level of automation also eliminates the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Gain hands-free time with automated protocols

The ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot provides researchers with an easy and highly efficient way to automate sample and reagent transfers, mixing steps and tip changes in magnetic bead workflows. Its precise, careful handling of the magnetic beads leads to superior reproducibility and consistency, as well as ensuring optimal timing for every incubation step to maximize recoveries. The true beauty of the ASSIST PLUS is that you can use it with any of our 25 electronic multichannel pipettes – including the VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette and the VIAFLO electronic pipette – to provide exceptional volume and plate format flexibility for other automated applications.

Programs can be set up in the VIALAB pipette automation software, and the parameters for perfect liquid handling can be easily fine-tuned. Once finalized, this gives you fantastically consistent results, every time.

Ready to increase your throughput even further?

Increase your pipetting throughput without investing in big automation. The VIAFLO 96/384 is perfectly suited to high throughput sample clean-up with magnetic beads, allowing an entire 96 or 384 well plate to be purified in a fraction of the time it would take with a traditional pipette.

This affordable, compact and easy-to-use solution increases your throughput and reproducibility, with interchangeable pipetting heads to suit the plate format and volume range of each application, making your life a whole lot easier! Its optional automatic mode allows you to program the system to further reduce hands-on time, so working in confined spaces – such as a laminar flow cabinet – is much simpler.

Having problems pipetting viscous buffers or dripping wash buffers?

Magnetic beads can be stored as a highly viscous suspension, while wash buffers are often volatile solutions; both are challenging to handle. Luckily, Low Retention GripTips are here to help. These work by retaining less liquid compared to standard tips, ensuring that beads and sample are not lost, and that dispenses are as accurate as possible.

Low Retention GripTips show superior performance when pipetting wash buffer with ethanol.

So, why wait? Treat yourself to a more reliable pipetting solution, and never lose another sample.

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