Passive cooling blocks giving the competition the cold (or warm!) shoulder

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Passive cooling blocks giving the competition the cold (or warm!) shoulder

Here at INTEGRA, we strive to provide variety and cost-effectiveness for all of your passive cooling needs, so we offer numerous ways to ensure your samples are kept optimally chilled during preparation, storage, and processing. We are now delighted to announce the addition of the new Flat Bottom Cooling Block to our passive cooling range, complementing the existing 96 Cooling Plate, 384 Cooling Plate and Dual Reservoir Adapter options.

Flat bottom cooling block from INTEGRA Biosciences

Why should I use INTEGRAs passive cooling blocks?

Our cooling block family – including the new Flat Bottom Cooling Block – was designed with versatility in mind, allowing effortless use with any flat bottom labware – including plates and reservoirs with an SLAS footprint – and working seamlessly with our MINI 96, VIAFLO 96, VIAFLO 384 and ASSIST PLUS instruments. Made from anodized aluminum, they are fully autoclavable, and can be chilled in a fridge or freezer, or warmed in a heating cabinet to minimize temperature changes in samples during use. This prolongs the stability and integrity of sensitive reagents and samples, helping to maintain optimal reaction temperatures throughout the pipetting process. All of this means that you don’t have to move samples from plate to the chiller or incubator as frequently, reducing the risk of contamination and the potential for human error.

Cooling block family from INTEGRA Biosciences