Unlocking the potential of INTEGRA instruments for laboratory integration

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Unlocking the potential of INTEGRA instruments for laboratory integration

If you are seeking ways to ensure that your lab keeps pace with an evolving scientific landscape, look no further than our vast range of liquid handling instruments. Our innovative solutions include VIAFLO electronic pipettes and VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes, as well as the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot and WELLJET reagent dispenser. These products provide more than just compact and cost-effective liquid handling solutions; they pave the way for more efficient, integrated workflows, saving you valuable time and resources, and minimizing headaches along the way.

Harnessing the power of automation

Say goodbye to time-intensive manual processes and the potential for human errors that could compromise your results. We aim to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks in the lab, accelerating scientific discoveries by delivering user-friendly, reliable, and high quality products. Our electronic and automated liquid handling solutions offer:

  • precise and accurate dispensing of reagents every time, ensuring the integrity of your experiments;
  • consistent and reliable results, by eliminating the variability associated with manual pipetting;
  • the flexibility to adapt to your evolving research needs;
  • cost efficient workflows, with highly affordable and long-lasting products, and minimum to no downtime.

Achieving lab integration with INTEGRA

Aside from optimizing speed and precision, automation also offers you the opportunity to create digital and walk-away workflows. In fact, the rapid evolution of automated technologies has made lab integration and connectivity a key focus for many life sciences companies.

At the core of our instruments' capabilities lies their comprehensive application programming interface (API) command set, which allows bi-directional communication via a Bluetooth® or wired connection. This connectivity enables you to incorporate your INTEGRA products into a wider, unified solution, where your master software will be able to communicate seamlessly with our instruments.

For example, the WELLJET and ASSIST PLUS can be effortlessly integrated into an automated workflow, enabling precise and error-free experimentation. Lab Services – a prominent integration company based in the Netherlands – has already harnessed the automation potential of these two instruments by developing a driver to control both units, as seen in the video below.

LabServices ASSIST PLUS WELLJET integration
Lab Services has created an automated workflow with the WELLJET and ASSIST PLUS.

In addition, the VIAFLO and VOYAGER electronic pipettes can be used to trace pipetting protocols and pass pipetting data on to electronic notebooks. Watch the video from Labforward – a lab software developer dedicated to connecting teams, data, devices and processes – below to see how the Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA) in Duisburg, Germany, has successfully incorporated our electronic pipettes into its digital quality assurance workflow for cytostatic drug testing.

Quality assurance for cytostatic drug testing
Labforward explains how VIAFLO and VOYAGER electronic pipettes are integrated into a digital workflow at IUTA.

Realizing new levels of productivity with integrated solutions

Lab integration gives you the power to define and carry out commands remotely, providing the perfect solution to ensure that your workflows are tailored to your specific requirements. For example, Lab Services has developed its PlateButler® software to allow users to operate INTEGRA liquid handling products remotely. This allows scientists to define and save new dispensing programs – or access pre-saved programs already on the unit – from a distance, enhancing efficiency, reliability and throughput.

Tackling scientific challenges together

We have worked with a wide range of innovative organizations – including automation company Biosero – and our instruments are available for integration into any connected lab solution. Our electronic and automated liquid handling solutions provide the tools and capabilities needed to streamline your lab’s experiments. Furthermore, you can maximize the benefits of our instruments – saving time, cutting costs, and ensuring the highest level of reliability and reproducibility in your results – by integrating them into a fully automated, digitalized workflow. Unlock the power of integration, and trust our liquid handling solutions to handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on the science that matters most.