10 reasons why INTEGRA products speed up diagnostic testing and research

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10 reasons why INTEGRA products speed up diagnostic testing and research

The VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes are ideal for transferring patient samples between labware formats, enabling the simultaneous reformatting of multiple samples prior to nucleic acid extraction and PCR testing. For even greater flexibility and full workflow automation, pipettes can be mounted on the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot, allowing you to streamline an array of routine pipetting tasks and scale up your workflow. Additionally, the VIAFLO 96/384 handheld electronic pipette is a perfect option for boosting throughput, allowing you to add buffers or samples to 96 or 384 wells simultaneously.


Here’s 10 reasons why these instruments are perfect for your workflow.

VIAFLO Electronic Pipette Family

1.     High throughput, small investment

You might assume that high throughput can only be achieved with huge investment, but this simply isn’t the case with our pipetting solutions. Increase your productivity and the reproducibility of your results at an affordable price, without the need for large liquid handling platforms. Need convincing? Try our ROI calculator to see how cost-effective the VOYAGER pipette could be for you.

2.     Scale-up couldn’t be easier

Our instruments can be adapted to meet your throughput needs. Easily upgrade one of our multichannel pipettes to full automation with our ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot. This allows more samples to be processed with the same number of staff, without requiring a complex liquid handling platform. Or switch to parallel processing of 96 and 384 samples with the VIAFLO 96/384. To increase throughput even further, you can simply replicate the workflow on multiple cost-effective workstations running in parallel.

VOYAGER pipette with adjustable tip spacing transferring samples from a 384 to a 96 well plate

3.     Simple installation

Our products couldn’t be simpler to set up. Instruments are shipped fully assembled to ensure only minimal set-up time, allowing you to get everything up and running within 15 minutes – from unboxing to the first run. The platforms themselves are incredibly intuitive, and many customers even install and configure their own systems – especially useful while under lockdown restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

4.     Compact and mobile workstations

All workstations can easily fit in biosafety cabinets to handle hazardous diagnostic samples in a safe environment. Additionally, the compact footprints of our platforms make them easy to move between labs, enabling space to be used effectively, rather than being taken up by large, bulky instruments. Using lab space efficiently is vital when space is tight, especially for new labs created specifically to meet the needs of urgent projects, such as for COVID-19 testing.

Scientist filling a plate with a VIAFLO 96/384 multichannel pipette

5.     Minimize training needs

Our systems are extremely intuitive to use, and share one user interface between all platforms. This allows straightforward and rapid training of new and existing staff on unfamiliar workflows. Where possible, our teams further help customers with programming their applications, so that it is as simple as switching the platform on and starting work!

6.     In stock and on time

Our well-planned supply chain logistics enable production to be ramped up to meet customers’ requirements, so instruments are available with very short lead times of a few weeks, even throughout challenges such as the COVID-19 crisis.

7.     A reliable system

Sample contamination is every lab's worst nightmare! That’s why our GripTip pipette tips were designed in partnership with our pipettes to create a unique, integrated system that offers the securest tip connection, guaranteed to load liquid at the same height in multichannel pipettes. The rim of the GripTips snap over the Multi-Lobes, attaching firmly, while a shoulder prevents over-tightening of the tip. Never fear about loose, leaking or falling off tips again.

Dispensing, filling, mixing, diluting with 24, 96, 384 or 1536 channels in microtiter plates

8.     Worry-free servicing

And reliability extends to our servicing and maintenance options, covering calibration, repair and preventative maintenance. Our highly trained technicians carry out both on-site and send-in servicing, to ensure your instruments run smoothly over the course of their lifetime and take another worry off your mind.

9.     Independent platforms

Our open pipetting platforms enable kits from different suppliers to be used for different workflows. For instance, it doesn’t matter whether an extraction protocol is based on vacuum filtration or magnetic beads. It also means that changing the labware format – for example from 96 to 384 well plates – can be easily done. This highly flexible offering ensures that the workflow is not disrupted because of issues such as kit shortages.

10.     Systems for life 

Our flexible systems can be used in a broad range of lab tasks, rather than sitting in the corner, obsolete between workflows. Our family of products include a variety of pipetting solutions  – both manual and automated, with the ability to exchange different pipettes and pipetting heads – providing full flexibility, and offering something to simplify every application. See which products could help you.

Streamline pipetting tasks on compact and modular workstations, which can easily be replicated