Pointes de pipette

INTEGRA eco rack family tip racks

Comparing INTEGRA's GripTips

Featuring a low attachment force and a low ejection force, GripTips effortlessly snap onto the tip fittings and are easily ejected. Also, GripTips feature a high lateral resistance once attached to the INTEGRA pipettes. This means GripTips are always firmly attached and perfectly aligned, regardless of how many side well touch offs are performed.


GripTips pour
Pipettes mécaniques et électroniques


GripTips pour
Systèmes de pipetage sur paillasse

GripTips en Rack ECO


GripTips pour systèmes automatisés

GripTips 3000 series racks


GripTips 6000 series racks

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12.5 µl 125 µl 300 µl 1250 µl 5000 µl | 12.5 µl 125 µl 300 µl 1250 µl

Pointes spéciales

12.5 µl 125 µl 300 µl 1250 µl 5000 µl | 12.5 µl 125 µl 300 µl 1250 µl
Faible rétention    
Embout large            


12.5 µl 125 µl 300 µl 1250 µl 5000 µl | 12.5 µl 125 µl 300 µl 1250 µl
Green Choice            
En configuration Rack 48                   
En configuration Rack 96        
En configuration Rack 384            


12.5 µl 125 µl 300 µl 1250 µl 5000 µl | 12.5 µl 125 µl 300 µl 1250 µl
MINI 96            
VIAFLO 96            
VIAFLO 384            
ASSIST PLUS            

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systèmes automatisés


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Multichannel Reagent Reservoirs

Toss the insert and keep the base, saves you money and saves you space!

INTEGRA reagent reservoirs offer a convenient solution for the temporary storage of non-solvent based liquids during any pipetting application. The system consists of disposable inserts that fit into reusable bases with clearly visible volume markings. Inserts are available as crystal clear polystyrene reservoirs or polypropylene reservoirs for improved chemical compatibility.

Check out all the different Multichannel Reagent Reservoirs

Reagent Reservoir 12 well insert base

GripTips for pipetting robots


  • Precise and consistent tip seal ensures that all tips on ASSIST and ASSIST PLUS are precisely at an identical height for reliable touch offs and consistent pipetting results.
  • Using Low Retention GripTips prevents low surface tension samples from spreading out and “wetting” the inner wall of the tips, allowing them to bead-up for a maximum liquid recovery.

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